The Development of the Village of Meadowside

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They asked them about how they do the housework. In total, men spend Just over two-and-a-half hours on household tasks whereas women spend slightly less than four hours. Women spend more than twice as much time doing kitchen tasks such as cooking and washing up as men (74 minutes for women as opposed to 30 minutes for men. Women are also more active in cleaning the house- it takes 58 minutes of their day compared to/with 13 minutes for men - and childcare, where women put in more than twice as much time as men.

On the other hand, men are more active in gardening and pet care, where they spend twice as long as women, and maintenance and DID, on which they spend 15 minutes more than women. Women account for almost all the time spent on washing and ironing clothes. This takes them 25 minutes, while / whereas men spend Just 2 minutes on this task. Overall the figures show that women spend more time on routine domestic chores than men, while / whereas men do more household maintenance, gardening and pet care.

The findings of a survey are described in percentage and by the housework task. As can De seen Trot ten can art, ten percentage AT Tamale students accounted auto 40 per cent who could not know how to wash clothes while the percentage of males were higher than 20 per cent. Almost all the students could not know how to cook such, the female students knew more doubly than the percentage of male students ( 40 per cent for females and 20 percent for males).

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Beside that, a lot of female students ate fasted instead of cooking, and even more male ate fasted which were mainly. Many of male students knew how to iron their clothes,there were 60 per cent while the percentage of male students who could iron their clothes were 80 per cent,( almost three out of four do this) . The large of male students knew how how to use a vacuum cleaner, there were 80 per cent but not many female students knew how to use vacuum cleaner, the percentage were only 10 per cent.

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