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The Cause and Effect of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is a cause that haves numerous effects on people in the United States today. It’s defined as a condition that resulted in the continued consumptions of alcoholic’s beverages, despite health problems and negative social consequences. The symptoms of alcoholism vary from person to person, but the most common symptoms seen are changes in emotional state, behavior, or personality. Alcoholics may become angry and argumentative, and withdrawn or depressed. They may also feel more anxious, sad, tense, and confused.

Alcoholism is a treatable disease and many treatment programs and approaches are available to support alcoholics who have decided to get help, but no medical cure is available. Regardless of how someone is diagnosed as alcohol dependent or how they came to realize they have a serious drinking problem, the first step to treatment is a sincere desire to get help. Alcoholics who are pressured into treatment by social pressure or forced to quit by circumstances rarely succeed in the long run. Next, I will like to discuss the causes, effects and consequences of Alcoholics.

There are several possible causes of alcoholism and risk factors for the disease. Alcoholic liver disease usually occurs after years of excessive drinking. The longer you use alcohol and the more alcohol consumed, the greater the likelihood of developing liver disease. Acute alcoholic hepatitis can result from binge drinking. It may be life-threatening if severe. People who drink excessively can become malnourished because of the empty calories from alcohol, reduced appetite, and poor absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

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Malnutrition contributes to liver disease. These are many causes that come from drinking a constant amount of Alcohol. The effects that alcohol has on the human body range from short to long term symptoms. As a person consumes alcoholic drinks the stomach immediately absorbs the alcohol and it enters into the bloodstream. Depending on the features such as the age, weight, sex, and body size of an individual the alcohol will affect people in many different ways.

Some of the lighter effects of the intake of alcohol comprise lightheadedness, while other effects with an increased amount of alcohol consumed include queasiness, vomiting, slurred speech and vision, and an increased amount of dizziness. There are many consequences of drinking that can lead to an addiction commonly known as alcoholism. Permanent long term effects of consumption can lead to severe damage to essential organs as the liver and brain. If a sustained period of no consumption happens, many effects such as anxiety, delusion, and shuddering may occur.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may lead to birth defects in infants commonly known as fetal alcohol syndrome. Retardation and permanent physical deformities are common in many cases, and investigative studies have shown that offspring of alcoholic parents are at a great deal higher possibility of becoming alcoholics themselves. In conclusion, there are several causes, effects, and consequences of Alcoholism that I have mentioned. Many people that use alcohol do not understand how harmful it is to their body. After reading my essay I hope you have a better understanding of why drinking to much alcohol is bad for you.

The Cause and Effect of Alcoholism essay

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