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Generally, alcoholism is considered more as a habitual disorder rather than a disease. It is self initiated and mostly can be prevented or controlled. It is as a result of over dependency on the substance (Alcohol) which is by itself a drug. Abuse of the substance consequently leads to Alcoholism. There are some symptoms surrounding alcoholism, which includes; a strong thirst and urge to per take the substance, withdrawal, shakiness of hands and in some cases the whole body, anxiety after stopping drinking.

Once one has started the habit, it’s extremely difficult to stop, they in turn gain tolerance of the drink where one gradually increases the amount in order to feel the effect and get ‘high’. (Shebek J, Rindone JP. 2000) Addiction dependency In such cases, the body is accustomed to always having alcohol present which translates to you becoming a slave of the substance. Consequently, one experiences a strong urge for the drink and at this point alcohol has taken over your life where you become alcohol dependent.

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With time, it soon becomes the only thing you can think of and cannot do without. Surprisingly, people with alcohol dependency do not necessarily suffer liver diseases. This mostly is dependent on genes which vary from one individual to another. In some individuals, it is possible to drink heavily and die from liver diseases without ever developing alcohol dependency whereas in some they may develop alcohol dependency but do not have the liver diseases. (Goodwin, Donald W. 1988). Effects on body In the body, alcohol is quickly metabolized and absorbed by other nutrients.

It is rapidly absorbed in the upper portion of the small intestine, where the alcohol laden blood then travels to the liver via the veins and capillaries of the digestive tract, which affects nearly every liver cell. Also, it affects every organ of the body though its most impact is upon the liver. Liver cells are forced to first metabolize the alcohol, letting the fatty acids accumulate. Alcohol metabolism permanently changes liver cell structure, which results to impairment of the liver’s ability to metabolize fats. This is basically the reason behind fatty livers in heavy drinkers.

A liver clogged with fat causes liver cells to become less efficient which consequently impairs a person nutritional health. Alcohol displaces calories from needed nutrients and also interferes with the body’s metabolism of nutrients leading to damage of the liver, digestive system and nearly every bodily organ. Prohibition of alcohol can greatly reduce its consumption and subsequently bring down the crime related to alcohol which in turn can save many lives and society from the ordeals emanated from this. Though this is not an easy case, it calls for both the law enforcers and society to play part in it.

(Cadoret, Remi J. , et. al. , December, 1986) Religious connection with alcohol where Jesus changed water into wine. Jesus changing water into wine was a manifest of his powers to demonstrate that he was capable and had the transforming power to change people from tasteless ordinary people to very important people who bring joy and happiness to others. He used Mary’s simple request and servants’ obedience to reveal his glory. His intention was to give Christians a life like that of a wedding feast which is only celebrated once in a life time.

Alcohol consumption was not considered a daily event but a one time thing which was meant to bring happy and memorable feelings but nowadays, it’s not the case. It has been abused by many and some have made it a daily thing meant to solve personal issues like stress other than celebrating occasional and important events. (Agape miracle fellowship 2003). Jesus changed water into wine where wine was and still is considered a low alcohol drink which if it’s taken occasionally in the right quantity and manner cannot lead to alcoholism addiction and disorders. Stand of health sources pertaining alcoholism.

Heath sources have a stand on this vice where they advice people to keep off from alcohol as alcoholism is perceived as a self induced disease which can be avoided or cured if at all the patient is willing to forfeit alcohol completely for his/her sake of healing. People are advised to keep off from alcohol because its repercussions are immense and damaging to ones health which is something that can easily be avoided. (Gallant . D, 1987) I can strongly advice victims to try their level best to quit alcohol and for those who haven’t started and are maybe considering it, to reverse their decision before it is too late to turn back.

They can avoid the ‘I wish I knew’ slogan by avoiding the ‘one sip’ thing is what leads to a bottle which later grows into bottles and before long one is already an alcoholic, a very difficult situation to turn back from. Governments should strongly play their roles of enforcing laws which will regulate the sale of alcohol, for instance they can raise taxes on alcoholic products to make it difficult for purchasers to ‘enjoy’ it daily. Also, it can consider burning importation of this cheap alcohol drinks which are pocket friendly and encourage daily consumption. References. Cadoret, Remi J. , et. al.

, (December, 1986) “An Adoption Study of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Drug Abuse. ” Archives of General Psychiatry. 43: 1131-1136. Gallant . D, (1987), Alcoholism: A Guide to Diagnosis, Intervention, and Treatment . Colombia. Colombia University press. Goodwin, Donald W. (1988). Is Alcoholism Hereditary? New York: Ballantine Books, 2nd Ed. Shebek J, Rindone JP. (2000) "A Pilot Study Exploring the Effect of Kudzu Root on the Drinking Habits of Patients with Chronic Alcoholism. " J Altern Complement Med. 6, 1:45-8. Agapemiraclefellowship. (2003). miracle at marriage. www. agapeindia. com /miracle_03. .

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