The Byzantine Empire and Greco-Roman Culture

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The Byzantine Empire has a very strong connection to Greek culture. In 1453 A. D. the Byzantine Empire was very important in not just only the world, but also in terms of economic, political and militaristic strength. The Byzantine Empire was a significant part of the Roman Empire and historical research has helped unravel the strong relationship between the Byzantine Empire, Greek Heritage and culture.

In addition to what I listed above, the Byzantine Empire was important because it maintained the given knowledge from the Greeks and the Romans The strengths of the Byzantine Empire are the preservation of Roman- Greek culture and cultural diffusion. When the Roman Empire collapsed in 476, the Byzantine Empire survived. As a result of this collapse, the empire served to preserve the majority of the Greek and Roman achievements for Western Europe.

In the aspect of cultural diffusion, the Byzantine Empire not only helped to preserve Roman, Greek culture and Christianity but it also spread these ideas to other parts of the world. Another big impact of the Byzantine Empire are the achievements of architecture and art. The greatest example of this is the Church of Hagia Sophia. The purpose of this monument was to symbolize the unknown of Christian religion. A weakness of the Byzantine Empire is that the position of the church was detrimental to the Orthodox Church.

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It had no influence on the people, it did not have any control over a prosecuted ruler, it was not a substantial leader in education, and it lacked the power of growth. As a contribution of Islam to the Byzantine Empire, the Islam’s occupied the reconquered Byzantine territories and then proceeded to claim Jerusalem as a religious site for Muslims. They also took in the Persian Empire and went westward to North Africa.

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