The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

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Michael lewis starts the book out by describing the change that had happened in football during the 805. Football became more of a man's sport. Players got faster, and players got bigger. which gave the quarterback less time to throw the ball. Basically, the game of football was changed to a game of wild men risking everything to do what they love, The Blind Side is about a boy named Michael Oher in high school who lives in the inner-cities of Memphis. Michael is a boy without parents. His mom Denise is a crack addict and his dad left him. Michael got most of his food from his older brothers. when Michael was 8 he was moved to many foster homes and a hospital center but just ran away from all of them. Michael is trying to fulfill his dream of playing football in college and the pros.

Michael is considered of the best left tackles in high school football Michael is 6‘5 300 pounds. Michael‘s life might seem like a good life but he has to go through a lot to get where he wants to get. Michael's real father left him and his mother is a drug addict so he doesn't have his parents helping him out through his journey. Michael spends most of his life living with foster homes, federal housrng projects and basically anywhere he can get food and shelter. Michael meets someone named Big Tony he got close to and staned to think of him as family. It came to a point where they were so close Big Tony took Michael in to be part of his rich family. but Michael would only stay the day and go back to the inner-city at night.

Tony decides to enroll Michael to a Christian high school called The Prestigious Briarcrest Christian Academy but due to Michael's lack of effort in school and really poor attendance, they don't want to accept him. Tony does not give up here, he continues to beg for them to accept Michael and he mentions his athletic abilities and they finally agree to let him in. It takes a while and his first weeks of school are rough due to Michael having no friends and being really shy. It takes a while but Michael finally gets used to school and gets his grades and attendance up with the help of the school. Michael is doing whatever he can to get through high school so he can make it to the college level. While Michael is attending The Prestigious Briarcrest he loves to watch the basketball games. One day while he was watching the game the head coach noticed him and realized he always sees him watching and sees his size and thinks he would be a great player.

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But Michaels's grades are poor at the point so he Isn't allowed to sports. but this encourages him. even more, to get better in school. With the help oi the basketball coach and his special tutor Michael gets his grades up and joins the team, But after awhile Michael seems to notice his best talent is football, He is so big his coaches believe he can tackle anyone and he is the biggest kid that Briarcrest has ever had. So Michael decides to stick with football. and after a while, Michael started to receive many division 1 scholarships to play football. As time goes on, Michael starts to loosen up a little bit and become more comionable around his peers. He starts to laugh and tell jokes, where he used to just say nothing, Alter Michael's decision ol sticking to football his life just shot up irom there. Michael linally gets adopted by the tuohy's and Michael‘s senior year his team won the state championship. After Michael's lootoall season he starts to narrow his college scholarships down to three schools. LSU, Ole Miss. and Tennessee. But Michael has a problem. His GPAis too low [or any of these schools. So With the help from his tutor Sue Mitchell. Michael qualities as learning disabled, so he can now take more classes to get his GPA up.

It takes some time but Michael gets his GPA to NCAA minimum and gets into OLE MISS! During Michaels's ireshman year he starts at left tackle and continues on with his dream playing and starting in the NCAA. In the end. I think this book is a very great and inspiring book. Great because there is no part in the book that will make you want to stop reading, and inspiring because it proves to you if you keep trying and never give up you will succeed. Michael was a homeless boy at age 8 and now he is the staning left tackle for OLE MISS and is probably going to the NFL. My iavorite part of this book is when Michael gets into OLE MISS. This is my iavorite because it's inspiring because of har iar he got with how little he had. what I mean by this is that he did so much and got so lar with the help ol only a few people where most people who go d1 have the help from a whole lamrly and friends.

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