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Laughter Is the Best Medicine Narrative Essay

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COM NAME OF SCHOOL: SMK TAMAN TUN AMINAH BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR “Be Careful What You Wish For”. This is the phrases or topic that I am going to write an essay about it. First but not least I am going to explain the definition of the word wish. Wish means a feeling or to express a strong desire or hope for something that probably will not happen to us.

We must not think that all of our dreams or wish will come true if there is nothing we do and rely on other people. On the contrary, we must also beware of what we wish for because sometimes it will come true and some we doesn’t want it. For example, we wish to become a popular and well-known person. Once we become famous, we will feel that something is missing which is love and happiness from your family or your loved ones that is far away from your place.

From there we realized that what we wish is actually nothing and just to get close to the fans. So, we will regret and go back where we belong Everyone has their own wish and dream. Some of them wish that they could win over a jackpot million of ringgits or gambling in a casino. However, does this wish mean a lot for you or just to have fun. Actually my wish is to become a millionaire. Yes, although my dream is too big but I will help people in need such as old peoples, orphans and many more.

I will help them by building a house for them to stay and as a shelter. This will makes them more comfortable to stay. I will also build a small school for urban poverty, child abandonment and abused child. They will have good education when they grows up and contribute to the country. Besides, I will distribute foods and drinks to the homeless in the street of Johor. This is because I’ve been blessed so I want to bless others. It can be as simple as giving a bag of rice or tinned food to someone out there who hungry.

Every time I give I am answering another person’s prayer. As one says a great nation is not measured by the numbers of millionaires and billionaires, but the absence of the poor. There is a story that I want to tell about this topic. It is about a boy named Dexter. He lives with his parents in a small village at Perak. He is good in writing English essays. So, he went to America to continue his studies in essay writing. Then, he came back to his hometown in Perak and he wishes that he could become a great novelist.

His wish came true and he was as happy as larks that he could become a popular novelist. Since then he had written many good novels especially one of his books entitled THE BEST FRIEND I’VE EVER HAD. This novel has received an award from the World Books Awards in London. Because of his novel, he had many fans and people whole around Asia. Now, he had become famous and he forgets about his family and also his loved ones. One day, he met with an accident on his way back home from work.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital by the help of the people on the scene. Once his family heard the news, they rushed to the hospital. They felt relieved that Dexter had only minor bruises on his body and had a broken leg. Once Dexter awake, he was shock to see his family visit him. He regret that he had forget about his family and promises that he would go back to his happy and harmony family again. There is also a song that related to this topic entitled HOME by Chris Daughtry.

This song says that we must be careful of what we wish for because some of our wish can come true and some we doesn’t want. He says again that he is not running from his family but he thinks that the places and faces are getting old. Besides, he thinks that love given by his fans is totally different with families love. In conclusion, we must know that every wish we ask for will have serious consequences later. So, we must think wisely before making any decisions because it’s no use to crying over a split milk. (733 words)

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