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Here is my description of different customers of Tesco, their expectations and what customer service is within Tesco. Customer service is the assistance Tesco grant their customers. Customer service is how well Tesco satisfy their customers. All individual customers of Tesco have different needs and expectations; they like to be provided with different services so that they feel more at ease when shopping. Our core purpose Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. Our success depends on people. The people who shop with us and the people who work with us.

If our customers like what we offer, they are more likely to come back and shop with us again. If the Tesco team find what we do rewarding, they are more likely to go that extra mile to help our customers. This is expressed as two key values: No-one tries harder for customers, and * Treat people as we like to be treated. We regularly ask our customers and our staff what we can do to make shopping with us and working with us that little bit better. This is our Every Little Helps strategy: In Tesco's core purpose statement they say that "Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty".

I believe that this shows Tesco care about their customers to a great extent. The statement tells us that "No-one tries harder for customers, and treat people as we like to be treated". I feel that this shows that Tesco understand the importance of customer service and that they have to have an above good quality standard of customer service in order to keep customers coming back so that Tesco can keep making healthy profits. I feel that Tesco try to make shopping experiences easy and pleasurable for their customers.

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They use an 'every little helps' strategy, which is regularly advertised on the television to not only draw new customers in but to keep their current customers. Tesco have questionnaires in store so that their customers can give Tesco feedback so Tesco can target week sections of their customer service and find new methods to improve these week sections. Some of the questions on the questionnaire are; did you find what you were looking for? Were you offered hep at the tills? Were you asked if you have a club card? Did you have to queue up? If so, for how long?

Were you greeted with a smile, hello and a goodbye? Did staff check your eggs? Did staff make eye contact? All these different questions help Tesco to target week sections and improve upon the current standard of their customer service. I feel that if Tesco did not offer the opportunity for customers to have their say then the Tesco customer service would not be of a very high standard! I feel that by Tesco offering this they will make their customer service of a high quality and are more likely to keep their current customers and attract new ones by word-of-mouth conversations.

[Obtained from the teachmebusiness. co. uk website] Here is one of the Tesco's customer feedback forms. I think that it is good because customers don't have to spend a lot of time filling it in but Tesco can generate a great deal of data from this small questionnaire meaning that they will have a sufficient amount of data to improve. For example, if Tesco saw a trend of feedback forms with "there are never any trolleys" Tesco can investigate this throughout there stores and make the necessary improvements so that there are always trolleys for customers to use.

Tesco have two different types of customers. They are; internal and external. Tesco have to fully understand each and every expectation of all individual customers. Tesco customer's expectations are: * Value for money on all products; it is important Tesco do this in order to keep their customers and attract new ones because they have lower prices than rival stores. Tesco show customers that they are cheaper than competitive stores with their price tags. They often have things like; Tesco price then Asda and Morrison's price underneath.

I think that this helps Tesco to become a bigger threat and higher competition to other leading supermarkets. * A good returns policy; customers of Tesco expect to be able to return goods at a later date if they product is faulty or damaged. Customers may also expect repairs on products that Tesco offer such as televisions and other electronics. The Tesco returns policy is 28 days. I think that this is a reasonable amount of time because most people can return good within a month of a purchase. With electronics Tesco give a free one year warranty and the customer can choose weather to buy extra.

I think that this is fair because one year is a generous warranty for free and most faults will happen within the first year.  Good ordering systems; Tesco use tracking systems on there internet site so that customers can follow their item and see when it will be arriving, its current status and even if it has been dispatched. This allows customers to contact Tesco if it comes to there attention that their item has not been dispatched within the specified time. I think that this is a good system because customers will feel at ease knowing where there products is and are more likely to order again.

Dealing quickly with any customer enquires; Tesco need to reply promptly to customer complaints about poor service and products. The customers will expect contact information so that they can contact head offices for complaints. Tesco provide this contact information on receipts, on their internet site and in stores. You can also go to the customer service desk in the Tesco store. The employees will expect a good rate of pay; they will expect to be paid more than minimum wage and possibly a better salary than other leading supermarkets pay their employees.

They will also expect to be treated with respect, the employees practically run Tesco so it is in Tesco's best interests to give their employees the respect they deserve. The employees will also expect the chance to get promoted and move up the ranks in the organisation so that they will get better jobs and salaries. The suppliers will expect their products to be well advertised and promoted in the store. They will also expect Tesco to do bulk buying and pay with appropriate payments. For Tesco to have a good customer service It means that they have to keep customers happy.

Tesco will offer many things to do this including; low prices, quality good, well advertised products, easy to get hold of contact information, quick and easy customer complaints and friendly staff. All these things add up to a good customer service and help Tesco to be competitive. Terry Leahy who is the chief executive of Tesco quoted, "Good customer service helps Tesco to compete successfully with other supermarkets". I agree with this statement because if Tesco did not offer a good customer service they would struggle to get customers to return and find new ones.

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How do I contact Tesco customer service?
You can contact Tesco customer service by calling their customer service line at 0800 50 55 55, or by sending an email to customer.service@tesco.com. You can also contact them through their website by filling out a contact form.
How do I put a complaint into Tesco?
To make a complaint to Tesco, you can contact their customer service team either by phone, email, or post. You can also submit a complaint through their website or social media channels. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about your complaint so that Tesco can investigate and respond appropriately.
How do I contact Tesco on WhatsApp?
Unfortunately, Tesco does not currently offer customer service support via WhatsApp. However, you can contact Tesco customer service by phone, email, or through their website.
What is the email address for Tesco Ireland?
The email address for Tesco Ireland is customerservice@tesco.ie. Customers can also contact Tesco Ireland by phone at 1890 744 844.

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