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Tesco For my assignment I have chosen Tesco’s. In order for this business to operate it needs four factors of production; the capital, the labourer, the entrepreneur and the land. In this essay I will include information on Tesco’s Physical, technological, human and financial resources. Tesco’s physical resources include their premises, plant, machinery, equipment, materials and stock. Tesco’s technological recourses include; intellectual property, experience and skill, software licensing, patients and copyrights. Human Resources are known as Personnel.

Personnel teams work to ensure managers across the business have world-class skills and tools to meet the needs of the customers. Tesco’s financial resources include; is Tesco’s a successful company? Tesco’s is a worldwide well-known grocery shop. It’s a public limited company founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 and the Tesco’s name was first used in 1924 and the first store opened in 1929 in Middlesex. Tesco’s is a British store and it’s the third-largest retailer in the world. The net income reaches ? 3. 761 billion in 2012. Some of Tesco’s advantages include books, clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol and software. Every little helps’ the Tesco slogan is now well known by all of the customers. How do Physical and Technological Resources contribute to the success of Tesco? Their technology helps them be ahead because They can identify what's selling well and the system will automatically re-order They don't hold stock in warehouses that they don't need They can target offers to specific customer groups. Physical Resources. Physical Resources for an organisation are machines. Without physical resources it won’t be able to run probably.

Buildings, Technology and machines are examples of Physical Resources. Physical resources like this help staff with daily activities. Tesco is a huge supermarket. In Tesco’s there is Storage to store their food, fridges, and freezers and also drink machines to pour cold drinks and also hot ones. There are also machines to help the staff cook cafe food quickly. There are Self-scanning machines to stop long queues also; there is also instant photo machine for the customers to print photos in seconds. Intellectual Property e. g. designs, music, text, video. The content of the Tesco. om Site is protected by copyright, trademarks, database and other intellectual property rights. You can display the content of the Tesco. com Site on a computer screen but you must not print copies for personal use. “You may not otherwise reproduce, modify, copy or distribute or use for commercial purposes any of the materials or content on the Tesco. com Site without written permission from Tesco. com. ” –Quoted from the website below. For more information go to: http://www. tesco. com/termsandconditions/termsconditionsGeneral. htm#Intellectual Premises. Tesco’s is a Global organisation.

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This means that they have a lot of different premises around the world which make them more successful today. These premises allow Tesco’s to sell products. Tesco has many different premises around the world including Tesco Metro, Tesco Extra, Tesco express and Tesco home plus. Machinery and Plants. Tesco have a lot of machinery. Machinery in Tesco includes their self-scanning machines, Petrol stations, refrigerators, tills etc. For organizations like Tesco plant and machinery may compromise refrigerators in their food store. Building and facilities. Tesco stores are located all around the UK.

There are roughly 6,351 stores (April 2012). There are many different types of stores which you learn in this essay, sub heading Premises. Recently a new store has been made in Linwood (27th June 2011) there’s a schedule the store won’t be ready to use until 2013. Tesco also has Recycling facilities which you can have a browse of on this website http://www. tesco. com/greenerliving/greener_tesco/what_tesco_is_doing/reduse_reuse_recycle. page. Stores. Tesco’s has opened over 200 stores in 2010/2011. This allows Tesco’s to cover a bigger area and makes the stores more local which means that they will get ore customers which impacts on the amount of products they sell. Tesco’s one stop shops are just a smaller version of the Tesco supermarket and they are also local but not in the same towns or city’s as the supermarket because then this gets them more customers. Materials and Waste. Tesco recycle the waste they produce. ‘We have done this by focusing on reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering the energy from waste that would have been originally sent to landfill sites. ’ (Quote from website http://www. tesco. com/greenerliving/greener_tesco/what_tesco_is_doing/reduse_reuse_recycle. age). They move a bulk of recyclable materials from the waste stream and then put them in the recycling. Tesco are the largest recycler of cardboard in the UK – processing 300,000 tones’ per year. For unrecyclable products Tesco no longer use a landfill, they use other resources for different waste around the U. K this allows their waste to be classed as a valuable resource, generating renewable energy, alternative fuels to fossil fuels and fertilizers. Equipment including ICT. Tesco have self-service checkouts now. This also reminds customers for proof of age.

Electronic tags to prevent stealing Tesco’s products. Recording incoming goods, subtracting sales, automatic stock ordering. They use it to use the internet so they can see how other similar businesses are so successful and use their ideas. Tesco’s online website for online shopping and home delivery. And they use it for other things such as receipts, temperature alarms for fridges, to check if there are enough staff on the tills etc. email to get products from other stores for emergencies. Planned maintenance and refurbishment. Tesco make a lot of changes to the store to satisfy the customers.

Tesco have a refurbishment license and change their stores around very often so that customers can see some of the stock they probably haven’t seen before and they will possibly buy it if they can. Tesco sometimes close stores while they are refurbished so they can refurbish them with new technology which gets more customers and makes Tesco more successful as a business. They refurbish stores to increase customers and to prevent stores looking dated. Also, to improve safety in the store. Insurance and security. From Tesco you can get insurance on things such as your home and you’re your car.

For these you must have a Tesco clubcard. SECURITY: When you register to use the Tesco. com Site you will be asked to create a password. This must be kept confidential. Tesco has security officers at the door to prevent stealing. Staff also have a lot of training before they can work in Tesco stores. Tesco has CCTV to protect the store from shoplifters etc. and this also helps with proof. If Tesco. com has reason to believe that there is likely to be a breach of security or misuse of the Tesco. com Site, they may require you to change your password or deactivate your account.

Tesco also has security on other things such a tags in and electronic devices which goes off if they are taken out of the shop without them being removed. And proof of age being asked on age restricted items. INSURANCE: all business’ need insurance so if anything happens they are insured to claim from it. Tesco has car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and life insurance products. Tesco also have delivery vans which have to have insurance. The workers have to have insurance in case of an accident at work with machinery etc. to learn more about Tesco’s insurance click this link: http://www. escobank. com/personal/finance/insurance/travelins/index. html. Tesco even have their own self storage insurance. They also need insurance because if customers try to make a claim over slipping over things etc. Technological Resources. Technological Resources are things such as software, designs, music or text. They are known as intellectual property. The laws of intellectual property let people own ideas and have rights over them. Technological resources include accumulated experience and skill, software licencing protection (patents and copyrights). Accumulated Experience and skill.

This means that all the staff has the experience and skills to work there. There are many workers at different levels of working, the top being more skilled for example, the workers at the till get to interact with their customers so they would be at the top, In order to do this they must be good at maths to do the counting. tesco have over 520,000 Employees and all of them must have accumulated experience and skills for their job. Tesco need to import things customers like for example, customers like certain wine so Tesco need to employ people to go to other countries and find certain wine to sell in the store.

Also, Tesco need to have experienced drivers when the customers have home delivery, the drivers need to have good people skills and need to have knowledge of the area. Software licensing. Software licensing in Tesco means that you can only use the programme on a single computer; they can move the programme from one computer to another, if the owner owns it and they are for personal use only. They can also transfer the software onto another notebook that they own. This means they are only licensed with a single use licence.

Tesco Internet Security is value for money, it's fast and easy to use, updates itself and protects. Also, again it was trouble logging onto Tesco bank so people were not able to get their money. Protection: Patents. Patents are things that make a business unique. Tesco has designed many things that are unique, like Tesco priced products, online photo center (unique Personalised Photo gifts), online banking and many other things. These products help Tesco become successful because people will want these products and are only able to get them from Tesco. Copyrights.

Tesco have copyrighted products. These products have this symbol on it “©”. This means you can’t copy or experience and skill to work in Tesco’s. Tesco also have a software licence but they reproduce any part or all of the Program or its documentation. The staffs can only use the program on one computer but the program can be transferred to other computers. Also, there’s a 90 day warranty where you can take things back to the shop that are not working or if they are the wrong item. They have protection over their clothes with their personal brand F&F (Florence & Fred).

Copyrights are used so that Tesco could have unique products that attract customers to Tesco stores. This then helps Tesco get more income from the customers. There’s recently been an issue with a 22 year old fashion student whose face has been printed on a child’s Tesco jumper without her permission, she sued Tesco because they didn’t ask for permission and the yellow jumpers were being sold in hundreds of stores within the U. K the picture was taken of the student, Miss Nicola Kirkbride’s blog, which clearly states that all artwork on the site belongs to her. How is Tesco so successful?

Tesco became so successful when they analysed what people were buying and made their own products and lowered the prices. Also, because Tesco try to make their products cheaper than other stores like Asda and Sainsbury’s etc. The Tesco website also makes them successful. Its separate to the stores but it allows customers to buy Tesco products online and have them delivered to their house. This gets them more customers because people who cannot go to the stores are still buying their products online. A lot of people have an internet connection so it’s an easy way for Tesco to sell their products.

Tesco also have an iPhone app which is also successful and giving Tesco a bigger market. Tesco also have their own Facebook page where they update their cheaper products. Another reason that they are so successful is because of their club cards. This allows them to see what customers purchase from the store. If they are missing some products then Tesco’s knows that they are getting that product elsewhere so Tesco try and lower that product for the next time. On a club card for every one pound you spend you get a point, the points are exchanged for Tesco products or to use in the petrol station.

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