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Fetac Level Customer Service

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The hotel offers 104 superb bedrooms designed for guest comfort and relaxation, many with superb sews over the river and town. They have two penthouse suites known as the light and dark rooms offering luxury at its finest, ideal for special occasions. The Westport Hotel The Westport Hotel has been transformed into the hippest & liveliest luxury designer hotel in the region. After a major refurbishment in 2011, the Westport Hotel now attains the status as the most popular hotel in Dragonhead. The inviting exterior is that of sophistication and city reminiscence.

Located in the very heart of Dragonhead it comprises of 27 tastefully decorated bedrooms all of different infatuations, flat screen televisions with cable channels and high speed internet access. The aim of the Westport Hotel is to make your stay one of comfort, enjoyment and relaxation. 2. Summary/Evaluation I The D Hotel I The Westport Hotel I Organization/Business Image I The image I got of the D Hotel was that it is a very middle of the road hotel. The d©cord is standard and not very up-market. It is clean and tidy and felt very welcoming, making me want to stay there.

I The image I got of the Westport Hotel was that It is very up-market, the lobby is spotlessly clean and the d©cord is very high end. I think that the business image is better than that of the D Hotel. I Personal Presentation of Employees I The sales associate was wearing a black t-shirt and black trousers; I felt that she was well presented with regards to her the ends from dragging on the ground. I The sales associate was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and no name tag. She was very well presented with minimal make-up and nicely groomed hair.

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The presentation of the staff is much better than that of the D Hotel. I Interpersonal Skills of Individual(s) Dealt With I I think the sales associate was very good at her Job; she was polite and welcoming and dad me feel like a valued customer. Her interpersonal skills were 100% better than those of the staff at the Westport Hotel. I The sales associate didn't do very well and I think she should consider another career path. She was impolite to me and seemed exasperated with my questions. She could improve on her manners towards customers.

I Effective Handling of Enquiry I The sales associate was very efficient in handling my enquiry as she had a very good knowledge of the deals available to me. She was much more effective at handling my enquiry than the employee at the Westport Hotel. I The sales associate wasn't very efficient in handling my enquiry she made me feel like I was bothering her with stupid questions. I Ability of Employee to Present Information Accurately I The sales associate was brilliant she went through everything with me and explained what each price included making sure I knew what I was getting for my money.

She was much better than the employee at the Westport Hotel. I Although I did eventually get the information I required the sales associate didn't present it to me accurately as she Just scribbled some generic prices down onto a scrap of paper and thrust it into my hand before smiling me. I Overall Comment of Efficiency and Customer Service Delivered by the Organizations/Business I The only things that I found wrong were the fact that her trousers were far too long and she never offered me her name. Other than that it was a very good experience. My experience was much better than the one I had at the Westport Hotel.

I The experience made me feel like the hotel didn't want me as a customer because I wouldn't fit their usual clientele, the sales associate was UN- friendly and rude and it made me not want to stay in the hotel. 3. Recommendations on Improving Customer Service The Only way I think that the D Hotel can improve on their customer service is to make sure that employees make the customers aware of their name so that they don't have to ask for it and to also make sure that employees are dressed in a more professional manner with correctly tailored clothing.

Fetac Level Customer Service essay

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