Teen Sex Programs

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Teen Sex Many teenagers are engaging in having sex. A lot of them are doing it just to fit in and some are doing it because of peer pressure. Yes I believe abstinence programs discourage teen sex but a lot of teenagers need an abstinence education as well as a comprehensive sex education. Although some say that Abstinence and comprehensive sex education programs in schools are a bad idea, I think otherwise because some students need help learning about birth control and if they're ready for sex.

The government needs to fund teen sex programs that guide teenagers through which sexual direction they want to go in and things they want to learn about such as Comprehensive education, Abstinence education and Pregnancy. Comprehensive sex education has been proven more effective. Comprehensive sex is well needed in schools. It does not encourage teens to start having sexual intercourse. This program is what young people need; an honest effective sex education.

Comprehensive sex education programs help youth delay from sexual activity, it reduces the frequency of sexual activity, and it reduces the number of sexual partners and increases condom and contraceptive use. Without a Comprehensive sex education program in schools, teen sex increases, more teens will experience negative sexual health outcomes and pregnancy. “Medically accurate, age appropriate, comprehensive sex education in schools, education that include information about both, abstinence and contraception, both from a values and public-health perspective. ” (Rep. Lee and Sen.

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Frank Lautenberg, 2005, P. 776) Abstinence programs can help teens delay sex. Sex education classes that focus on encouraging children to remain abstinent can persuade a significant proportion to delay sexual activity. I think that abstinence education convinces teens to postpone sex; which is a good thing because they are too young. Without an abstinence program, more students would be engaging in sex. “Federal government only funds abstinence education, even though at least 75 percent of parents say they want teens to be taught about both abstinence and contraception. (As cited in CQ researcher, 2005, pg. 771) Pregnancy is often the result of teen sex. With abstinence and comprehensive sex education programs, pregnancy rates will decrease. Teen mothers are less likely to finish high school and more likely to end up on welfare, and their children are at greater risk for abuse and neglect. The majority of teen mothers raise their children alone without the help of the child’s father, which makes it much harder. “Twenty percent of teen mothers have a second child before the age of 20. ” (Sarah Brown, 2005, pg. 763) It’s very hard for teen mothers to go to school

Governments need to fund teen sex programs that guide teen through sexual activity. Teenagers are having sex to fit in and some are being forced to have sex because of peer pressure. Schools are not responsible for teens engaging in having sex but it helps a lot for teenagers to go to school and learn about it through Abstinence, Pregnancy and Comprehensive programs. With the students being taught about things it can decrease the pregnancy rate and reduce teen sexual activity. Both teens and the government will benefit from them; teens postpone sex and the government wouldn’t have to fund as many teen moms on welfare.

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