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Why Society Is Unfair With Teen Male?

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The way in which my son is branded and spoken of is very exaggerated and unfair. Through the past month he experienced a difficult time going through a split with his fellow peer. He tried to reach for help through his teachers and a social worker, hoping to find a way to cope and instead he was abused with statements such as "this young man Is experiencing significant mental health Issues. "This all occurred because he dared to cry and show sorrow when he was told by the peer that she felt uncomfortable talking to him.

Furthermore, after this incident that occurred on March 24, 2014, the peer contacted my son first on the same day. Approximately two weeks after, I was phoned at work by the principal, informing me that she would call the police if I was not able to come and pick up my son after school. I asked her to wait for me around 5-10 minutes, and moments after we had finished our conversation, she called the police nonetheless. She had also told my son that she would not call the police unless he left the school.

He did not leave and the police was still called. My son was escorted by the police to the RE per the principals statement that my son was having a "suicidal crisis. The principal came to this conclusion based on a Faceable conversation between my son and the peer which was shown to the principal by the peer. Recently, I read the messages In which my son stated "I'm always going to be there for you. " These words obviously show no intentions to commit suicide. My son was assessed by the RE team by DRP.

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Doe, a psychiatrist at hospital where he was escorted by the police. He was released in the same night from the hospital as the RE team claimed that he was not in a crisis. The psychiatrist had not considered he needed any follow-up appointments or medication. He was not diagnosed with ant mental health illness. I communicated all of the results to the principal; however, she didn't accept my son to go back to school for a week now, though he was not suspended.

During the ten school years of his life, I never once heard a complaint from any of his teachers regarding his behavior. His average mark Is over 90%. He has won numerous awards for his academic success and he was only ever praised by his teachers. Please help me rehabilitate my son's reputation at school and gain fair treatment by his principal and social worker at school. This incident was a small part of his school fife and his great sorrow was misinterpreted as a mental illness.

Based on this event we cannot throw away and ignore all his years of hard work, and great behavior. Why society is unfair with teen male? By conspire "this young man is experiencing significant mental health issues. " This all occurred was shown to the principal by the peer. Recently, I read the messages in which my intentions to commit suicide.

Why Society Is Unfair With Teen Male? essay

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