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System Strategic Management

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Just like option number one, the second option can give a big amount of income to the company but there is a great possibility that the company will lose their identity. Therefore it is also not a good choice. The best choice for Non Stop Yacht is the third option, because even if the company will have a slow growth. The company is slowly but surely establishing loyalty among customers and their so much room for changes and growth. Incorporating “click” with “brick” meaning aside from having an online company it is best for the company to have sales offices where customers can drop by, pass and inquire, talk to real people.

After all, personal touch in the business is still very important and can play a big role in the company’s success. Through online and offline research, provide and update on the current business models of: Non Stop Yachts, Barcelona The current business model use by Non Stop Yacht in Barcelona is using a business model called “bricks & click” because they integrate both online and physical presence. With the presence of their website (http://www. nonstopyacht.

com) where you can see all the products they offer for the mega-yachts, at the same time they have an office located in Barcelona and Palma. They allow the customers to order supplies and parts online and place that order to the nearest local distributor on the customers’ area to deliver the order. If no local suppliers are available they arrange for the delivery of the product to the customers. Palmer Johnson Inc. , Wisconsin Palmer and Johnson, who is working on a focused differentiation strategy by custom designing the yacht of choice of customers, came to bankruptcy in 2003.

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Now it is trying to revive it legacy and name and creating a new business model yachts. The 120 Series was a launching pad for Palmer Johnson's giving greater detail with construction, with an emphasis on safety, showing they can be built to a high standard. They are a using the loyalty business model wherein they put all their company resources to increase once again the loyalty of the customers and other stakeholders in the expectations will met or surpassed by giving high quality product that will satisfy the customers taste.

Lurssen, Bremen It is a manufacturer business model with narrow differentiation strategy. It uses the Internet to promote its mega-yacht. This mega-yachts can customized according to taste of the owners or customers. They have their office in Bremen. They concentrate in one product alone and that is ship building. Lurssen have used the power of the web to allow a manufacturer to reach buyers directly and thereby compress the distribution channel.

The manufacturer model can be based on efficiency, improved customer service, and a better understanding of customer preferences. National Marine, Florida It uses a collective business model because has more than 1,400 companies that produced every conceivable product used by recreational boaters. National Marine is dedicated in creating, promoting and protecting an environment where members can achieve financial success through excellence in manufacturing, in selling, and in servicing their customers. (National Marine Manufacturing Association, 2002).

Trade associations are non-profit organizations in which the individual members are companies or individuals engaged in a common business pursuit. Competitors join together to create a platform format in which they deal with common problems of their industry. Any applicant meeting the standards of the association must be accepted as a member. Anti-trust law prohibits a member trade association from denying an otherwise qualified applicant's membership based upon a geographical proximity to an existing member.

Trade associations commonly offer their members educational programs, the opportunity to come together at meetings to discuss common problems, and marketing materials designed to be imprinted by each member with its relevant information. Trade associations also offer elective group purchasing plans. The trade association bears no credit risk in these transactions but instead, provides chosen vendors with access to a large body of member customers. Because the trade association does not pledge its credit, the vendor must rely upon the credit worthiness of each purchaser.

To sustain its operations, a trade association generally receives an initiation fee and/or a yearly membership fee (collectively "dues") from its members, and it may collect rebates or imposes relatively low membership dues on its members. However, because initiation commissions from the purchasing plan suppliers. The trade organization fees and annual membership fees are nominal, the trade organization lacks the ability to engage in offering its members national marketing capability, access to expensive technologies and cost-effective purchasing programs for major purchases due to a lack of capital.

Furthermore, being non-profit, trade associations do not have the management mentality necessary to sustain major projects such as national sales and marketing. While offering potentially valuable services to businesses, few trade associations offer much direct help in the major business areas of purchasing, production or marketing. List of


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