Symbolism of the Torch within A Christmas Carol: An Informative Essay

Last Updated: 06 Jan 2023
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In the story, A Christmas Carol, the torch that Christmas Present Carol carries around is symbolic. It appears in the part of the story where Christmas Present comes and brings him and Scrooge to the Cratchit family home. This torch represents many things that make you feel nice. The torch that the Ghost of Christmas Present uses has a very similar meaning to the symbol of a flame in the modern world.

While watching and reading A Christmas Carol you could see the light beaming from the torch the Christmas Present carried. This brings a heart-warming feeling to mind and makes you feel in a way better mood. The torch is a heart-warming because it is reassuring and a good vibe to have the torch around. On a cold winter day, families gather around a fireplace and cuddle near loved ones. In real life, people's hearts get touched because when they gather around a warm fire people snuggle together and feel happy.

Hope is everywhere. Another reason that these two are alike is because of hope. The torch is a sign of belief for Scrooge and his journey to be a changed man. If the torch is lit up then Scrooge has the faith to continue with his amazing journey because the torch brings out the best in everyone. An example of a flame being used as a source of hope is when the light/power goes out. The only source of light is a flame on a candle. Everyone huddles around the candle as their only hope until the darkness succumbs everything.

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During the scene involving the torch, the Ghost of Christmas Present uses the torch to "sprinkle kindness" or goodwill to others. This torch makes people happy and put the quarreling to the side. The flame as a whole has the same meaning because of the earlier mentioned points. People in general when they are in one of the other two scenarios mentioned earlier aren't devastated or upset, they are happy. They are happy the get to be near family and friends and having a lasting happy moment.

Overall, the torch is happy, warm-hearting, and a sign of hope just like a flame is. They both connect in many different ways and have a symbolic relation to each other.

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