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Suzanne Collins

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2/29/12 English 1 Author Study Suzanne Collins Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games Trilogy, is a forty-five year old woman who lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters. Out of a love for story-telling and writing, she began her writing career as a children’s movie and story author. She didn’t think her writing would take her as far in life as it did. In 1991, Suzanne began writing stories for children’s television series.

She helped write many stories for shows such as Little Bear, Oswald, and Clifford’s Puppy Days. She had such a vast imagination and aptitude for story-telling and writing, that she kept on doing it until it became her main income. Before she knew it, she had written the young adult fiction novel, The Hunger Games. The inspiration for this book came from the story, Alice in Wonderland.

She pondered about how easily it was to sweep up the reader into a whole new realm of imagination where she could create her own characters with unique characteristics, and circumstances with unexpected twists and turns at every flip of the page. She realized how easy it was to make the readers feel like they are truly a part of this new world where anything could happen. With this inspiration she wrote The Hunger Games.

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Suzanne Collins

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She didn’t expect the book to gain quite the popularity it did, but she certainly knew she had done an exceptional job at producing her creative masterpiece. In summary, we can conclude that Suzanne Collins was a brilliant, smart young lady who used her creativity in such a way to produce many fun-filled, lively stories that not only children, but people of any age can appreciate. The Hunger Games was such an amazing piece of work. I would recommend to anybody willing to read it. It truly shows how talented of an author, Suzanne Collins truly is.

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