Survival Guide Hari Raya

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Personal Trainer & Nutritionist have been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 6 years. I got my certification from A. F. T. A in the USA Speaker conducts various health and corporate wellness seminars. Some of my clients include Nestle, Node's, Bank Engage, Patrons Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia and other clients in both the private and public sector TV Host am a regular TV guest on various talk shows discussing health, diet, nutrition and other wellness topics. Brand Ambassador As part of my job, have been fortunate to represent brands such as Aids, Nestle, and Fitness Concept. Before sharing my 20 hair array weight loss survival tips, let's look at some general FAQ How much to eat during array? Totally up to you but try to follow some of the 20 tips I am going to share with you Nina bit. Will you gain weight over hair array? Most probably. It's opposite to Ramadan.

Where 90% lose weight during Ramadan, 90% of you will gain weight during the first few days of the seawall. All I can say is that it is K to indulge and reward yourself after a long month of fasting. But, don't worry. Your goal this array should be to minimize weight gain! If you have lost egg during pupas, keep weight gain below the egg. But how can I lose weight during hair array? Yes, you don't want to be in the 90% group. In fact, everyone who reads and understands my eBooks should be in the 10% "l am going to lose weight this array" group. K there are two parts to this. First 10 days: These are the hardest as festivities are at their peak and everyone is in the leaps germ mode. During this period, your AOL (if any) should be to minimize weight gain. ; Last 20 days: Again since open houses are mostly limited to the weekends, you MUST make sure that your weekdays are as healthy as possible. If you have 5 good days and 2 bad days, you should be K. Get back on track! So in combination, to lose weight over the 30 days of the array, make sure your exercise & diet routine get back on track, especially during weekdays as weekends are filled with tempting open houses.

Make me proud! Should you exercise during array? Totally up to you but not very convenient when you are on the road and everyone else is indulging In Megan and shakeups. So for me, I don't exercise during the first week. Once I return to work, it is a good time to restart my exercise program. That said, there is no need to reward your self for 30 days. 10 crazy days and 20 healthy eating days are fine with me. Can start the "How to lose egg in seeks" program during array? Yup, but would advise you NOT to start it until you are back into your normal routine. The "How to lose egg in 5 weeks" program requires you to have control over your day. When you Bali camping or are in the midst of hair array, you probably lose control! But hey, if you feel you are ready and motivated, oh can get started anywhere, any time! Any guidelines before I start to exercise again? If you have not been exercising throughout Ramadan (like me), you can't continue where you left off. The lack of exercise during Ramadan has affected your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Here are some guidelines to help you get back on track. Start slow! Its K to let go for a few days. Yes, the first few days are special and all the great food is just too tempting but hey, after a few days its time to head back to reality and keep your intake in check. My advice, take it easy. Pace yourself. Do you know how many calories are in leman, longing, or all those shih-Mimi? It takes 20 minutes Eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes for you to feel full. Never start with desserts! Always start with a proper meal. Go for rice, meats, vegetables, or whatever makes up a balanced meal. "Stretch" Your Buffet.

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Opposed to a served meal, buffets allow you to control your portions and choices BUT some relative will nag you for not eating enough or making enough "rounds". My tip: Take small portions and frequent trips. This gives people the impression that you are eating a lot. 10 Never start with desserts. They are packed with sugars and fats. If you want desserts, reduce the calories from your main course. Milk before you hit the road. What? More food? Well yes and no. During this festivity, most of you will be hitting the road when visiting friends and family but with all the traffic & delays, it's important to keep your hunger in check. A quick glass of low-fat milk (or any other balanced snack) before you leave home keeps your cravings in check. This helps you to avoid unnecessary calories. Know your r ay calories. If you are serious about keeping your array weight gain in check, make sure that you are aware of all your array-food calories. Well, you should! Otherwise, you lose control over your weight. How many cookies do you need? Ah yes, the humiliation cookies or biscuit array. They are everywhere you go and loaded with sugar (calories). Do the math: Let's say an average cookie pack some 35 calories.

If you eat 10 cookies per open house and visit xx houses per day, that works out to be a whopping 21, OOH calories, or 2. Egg! How to reward? By enjoying all the delicious leman, rending, and other yummy but know your limits. You don't need 30 days of feasting! Yes, idolatry is 30 days long but that doesn't mean you have to eat-all-you-can every single day. Stick to 10 vs. 20 days. If you need to indulge in array food and o all out, stick to 10 out of the 30 days of the seawall. Example: First 2 days of array + weekends. Its K to say "No". As a guest, we always feel obligated to well eat.

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