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Summary of the Lawnmower Man

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Summary The lawnmower man The lawnmower man is a short story by Stephen King. The lawnmower man is about Harold Parkette, who after an accident with his lawnmower and the neighbors dog, decides to sell his lawnmower. After a while the lawn starts to get higher. He decides to hire a lawnmower to do the lawn for him. He calls the firm Pastoral greenery and outdoor service. Not long after a lawnmower shows up at his house. He is the usual type, he knows all to well. While the lawnmower takes care of his lawn, he sits down whit the paper and a beer.

A loud racketing roar awakens him from his thoughts. He rushes to the front lawn. He is greeted by a strange sight. The lawnmower is driving itself, and the lawnmower is completely naked and is crawling on all four behind the mower eating the grass. Harold gets terrified by the experience. The lawnmower tells Harold that he isn’t actually working for Pastoral greenery and outdoor service, but his boss is Pan, who is a apart of the greek mythology, he is the god of animals and wild.

He is half goat halt human. The lawnmower man tells Harold that his boss is always looking for new recruits. Harold is frightened and goes to the phone to call the police, and tell what is going on. While on the phone with the police, the front door gets smashed and in comes the lawnmower with the lawnmower man behind him. The lawnmower man tells him that Harold made a mistake by calling the police.

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He gets closer to Harold, and Harold retreats to the kitchen while holding a chair in front of him. The lawnmower decides that it’s Harold turn to get lawned. Harold runs out of the door and onto the lawn. He trips over his own feet, and the last thing he sees is mower sharp blades which are green from cutting the lawn. The police arrives after the neighbors calls them, and all thats left of him is in birdbath, and the smell of newly cut grass is still in the air.

Summary of the Lawnmower Man essay

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