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Story for English Exam

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Young killer The gunshot was still ringing in my ears as I ran to my bedroom. I shut the door and locked myself in; I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, hitting the polished wooden floor like rain in a storm, more and more I howled. He didn’t deserve it even after everything he did. Darren was dead. Everyone thought Darren was great, he always was a charmer. Every morning he would wake up and bring me breakfast. “Alright love? ” he would say with a wink. I just loved him, he had a great smile with perfect white teeth, and his caramel skin was to die for.

Rich, handsome and smart, Darren was my rock my leaning post when times were hard. Everything was perfect, we were perfect, the perfect family, Darren me and the two kids- Danielle and Joshua. All seemed well to everyone, but Darren started to change, he had a problem, a drinking problem. Darren would come home drunk each night looking for a fight, glaring about, he was a lion about to devour his prey. “Where the hell is that Danielle? ” he screamed one day. Danielle walked down the stairs in a timid way, she knew what was coming. Darren was mad because Danielle didn’t finish the washing up.

He grabbed her hair and dragged her to the sink screaming the house down with abuse. He kicked her and hit her until he grew tired, I couldn’t bare to watch. Darren was a monster. He repeated his “game” day after day. I wanted to say something I wanted it all to stop, but I couldn’t I loved Darren far too much, I was scared he would leave me, but enough was enough especially for Danielle. I had only one option I had to run, with the kids. I packed our bags, hastily throwing clothes into suitcases, blue, red, yellow, t-shirts, jumpers flying across the room as I tried to pack as much as possible in that short space of time.

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I got to Danielle’s t-shirt drawer and started to clear it when… Clunk! A black shiny hand gun, rattled as it hit the floor. I stared at it traumatised, the death tool staring back. Questions were whizzing through my mind, why did Danielle have this? What was it for? Where did she get it from? Danielle was a good girl who wouldn’t even hurt a fly I just couldn’t understand why something so sinister was in her possession. After at least an hour of thinking in shock I decided to stop packing this issue was far more important than running away.

I took a pair of Danielle’s green skinny jeans and placed the gun inside I wrapped the rest of the jeans around the gun and popped it back in the corner of Danielle’s drawer, couldn’t take the gun because Darren would find it so I left it there for a couple of days hoping and wishing that I could forget what I saw. Months had passed and Darren was back to his lovely self, he was buying treats for the kids and he hadn’t touched a single alcoholic beverage for at least three months, I was so proud of him.

Everything was back to normal and even Danielle seemed back to the happy girl we all knew and loved, she even shared the occasional smile with her dad. All of that was to good to be true, as soon as I started to believe that Darren was a changed man he disappeared for three days, I would go to my bed and shed some tears praying to God that he would return, I would lay there night after night staring into the empty space beside me I knew what I was feeling it had to be loneliness and it was turning my heart cold.

I cried myself to sleep a picture of the family tucked under my pillow being my only source of happiness. The next day came in a flash and Darren stormed through the door his eyes red with rage, he pushed passed me before I could say a word and he ran for the kitchen. Nobody knew what was on his mind. Ten minutes later he returned, but with a kitchen knife in his hand me and Danielle trembled in fear. He looked at me with no love in his eyes and grabbed for Danielle I screamed “NO! ” and blood was trickling down fingers as I made feeble attempts to grab the knife.

He had Danielle in his grip the knife coming closer and closer to her chest, my best efforts weren’t enough, I jumped up once more and nearly had the knife when. BANG! A metal bullet flew through the air and Darren fell to the ground the bullet sticking deep in his heart.. Me and Danielle turned to see a small sized silhouette holding a gun. The person turned around it was Joshua with a pair of green skinny jeans hanging round his neck. The gunshot was still ringing in my ears as I ran to my bedroom. A fact filling my head, that my son had murdered his father but saved his sister at the same time.

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