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English Composition Final Exam

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Topic Three Recommendations to decrease violent juvenile crime range from see-through school bags to confiscating guns, eliminating violent video games, altering local news coverage, and changing the way parents teach their children esteem for others. Imagine that you are an advisor to the President of the United States and you have been asked to write a policy speech in which you lay out a series of feasible initiatives for reducing violent crime by juveniles.

In recent years, juvenile crime has risen to an alarming level. The average age of a violent crime offender has decreased in the last generation, and every state is prone to the devastating impact of youth violence. The average age of murder victims of a youth offender is fourteen years of age. It is time for adults to act to reduce youth violence (Office of the Commission and Families 2014). The crimes committed are the same. The only change is the age of the offender.

The starting point to reducing youth violence is evidence-based practices. Proven programs have shown to reduce delinquency and recidivism, substance use or antisocial behavior in at least two trials by using a strong research design. Proven Strategies have shown through meta- analysis Of scientifically credible evaluations to reduce recidivism. Rumoring Programs have shown to reduce delinquency and recidivism, substance use or antisocial behavior by using a strong research design, but outcomes have not yet been replicated.

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Proven programs, such as the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program, must have at least one negative outcome that is changed by 20% or more for the better. The study design must use a convincing comparison group randomized-control trial or some quasi-experimental designs. The sample size of the evaluation must exceed 30 in both the treatment and comparison groups, and must be publicly available. Promising programs, such as Be Proud! Be Responsible! , must have more than a 1% change in the outcome.

The study must have a comparison group, but it may exhibit some weaknesses, such as, the groups lack comparability on pre- existing variables or the analysis does not employ appropriate statistical controls. The sample size of the evaluation must exceed 10 in both the treatment and comparison groups, and must be publicly available. There is no all-encompassing approach to preventing youth violence. However, communities can help reduce youth violence by developing a city-wide tragedy that combines prevention, intervention, treatment, and re-entry strategies.

Prevention begins with parents being parents. Children have enough peers. What they need is guidance from a stable adult. Some parents are trying to relive their childhood through their children by being more of a friend and less of a parent. This is where the respect for elders is broken down, leading to violence. Intervention is where the parent chooses to grow up before the child. The parent must reiterate respectful behaviors towards others, giving an ultimatum, but also giving support to help make the better sections. Treatment comes in many forms.

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