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Mystery Story for English

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Seek for revenge It was a Monday night when Max Sam if he wanted to go to the movies tonight. Suddenly, Sam heard someone whispering from a distance not far from where they were. Max was to say something when a loud noise was heard. He turned around and Sam was lying on the ground in a puddle of blood. Max called the police as quickly as possible. His brother was unconscious on the ground. The police arrived in a hurry in a short time of 7 minutes accompanied by the ambulance. They rapidly rushed him to the hospital. When Max and Sam’s family waited an hour that seems to have taken for ever Sam successfully made it through the operating room.

When he was conscious, the detective Ford told him that he got shot. The detective asked if he had an idea of who would actually want to harm him. The young child knotted that he had no clue. Back when Ford was at the crime scene, he saw that a bush across the other side of the street was stomped. That made him knew that the shooter was standing and expecting Sam. He also found a cigarette that was stomp by a foot measuring a size 11 inches. By the looks of the cigarette, it seemed that you could not get a DNA analyses. But he still sends it to the lab to try and get one.

The foot mark made him realized that it was probably a teenager or a young adult who shot him. The evidence was good and he thought that he would solve this case quickly. The DNA was going to take two days before it got a match. When one of day passed, something happened. Max was heading home from a day at his college. Then he got shot tree time and was found dead. It seemed that Max’s family had problem with that guy. Sam and his family were shattered by the news. One day after this shocking news, he finally got his DNA sample. The murderer was named Greg.

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He lives in Quebec and came all this way to Toronto to try to kill two people. But why would he do that. Detective Ford found Greg hiding in a motel a couple of miles away from the crime scene. When they got him to the police station, Greg explained the story to the detective. Max was going out with a girl named Julie. He said that he stole her from him and that he wanted to seek revenge. But why did he shoot Sam? He had nothing to do with this story. Well Sam was next to Max so when Greg pulls the trigger he missed and shot Sam by accident. Greg was sentence to 40 years in jail for murder and attempted murder.

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