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Sociology and Recreational Facilities

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I am glad to have been given this opportunity to talk to you today. The title of my speech is 'Social ills among teenagers'. A lot has been said about the deviant behavior of teenagers. Our education system, the media, teenagers themselves and their parents have been blamed. here is no need to point an accusing finger at any particular group, but keeping mum over the issue is tantamount to condoning it. Our youths are our most valuable assets. They are the future leaders of the nation. The harm has already been done and it is now up to us to undo it.

One of the main reasons why our youths go astray may be the lack of parental supervision. Nowadays, both parents go out to work. Children are left in the care of foreign maids and child-minders. As a result, they are faced with the threat of the disintegration of the family values and thus, the rising trend in social ills and crimes among teenagers. Parents should closely monitor the activities of their children and be understanding. When parents are often too busy pursuing their own careers to spare some thought for the welfare of their children, children grow up with little religious or moral guidance.

When they do not get love and attention at home, they seek attention from others who may or may not come from similar backgrounds. Thus, the social ills affecting our youth may be a reflection of a much larger problem, such as the disintegration of the family unit. Ladies and gentlemen, the media may also play a part in the moral degradation among teenagers. Television programs which show violence and sex and glorify other negative aspects should be restricted.

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Sociology and Recreational Facilities

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There should also be stricter enforcement of the ban on pornographic material. Teenagers with little or nothing to do during their spare time usually take to the streets. Therefore, recreational facilities such as those found in sports complexes should be available to all youths. at present, existing recreational facilities seem to either be exclusively for the rich or for older people. the establishment of teen clubs and community centers, that do not charge high fees and that specially target teenagers, should be given top priority.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, everyone, including religious, educational and social institutions, as well as individuals and the media, must cooperate with the authorities to combat the social ills afflicting our teenagers. It is important that people, especially youths, do not get into the rut of moral decay. There should be a thorough study of the problem before a proper strategy can be mapped out to channel our youths towards healthier lifestyles. Thank you for your kind attention and have a nice day.

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