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Sociological Theories Analysis

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This theory has caught the attention of the nation, and the federal government has taken steps to roved assistance in lower income and poverty stricken areas. One of the main programs that have been implemented into these lower income areas are Yam's. The goal behind the YMCA is to bring sports, and other activities into the lower income areas and keep juveniles busy within the YMCA and keeping these kids off the streets and out of trouble. The second theory is the Social Process Theory.

The Social Process Theory is based upon the belief that colonization is key in determining ones behavior. If colonization is absent or portrayed in a negative manner, it can cause venires to act out in feel alienated from normal social behaviors. Children who feel isolated from their peers and do not have a loving environment at home are more likely to be involved in delinquent behavior. These children often turn to drugs or alcohol as an answer. An example of both state and federal funded program that assists with the Social Process Theory is the D. A. R. E Program.

The D. A. R. E program is designed to prevent kids from using drugs, engaging in violent and criminal acts and encourages them to engage n normal social behaviors with other kids their age. The third theory is the Social Conflict Theory. The Social Conflict Theory is a belief that our entire society is in a constant state of internal conflict, with various groups trying to impose their belief on others. The Social Conflict Theory suggests that those of wealth and power help define laws to meet their specific needs while ignoring the needs of the rest of society.

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It is believed that adolescents that do not fit into the needs of the powerful members of society are labeled criminal delinquents. Those that suffer the most from social conflict are people of color or those living in poverty stricken areas. An example of a program that targets the youth suffering from the social conflict program is Promising Practices Network. The Promising Practices Network is a school based violence prevention program that serves over 400 public schools in poverty stricken areas. This program is designed to fight prejudice, stereotypes and other types of violence.

As shown here these three sociological theories are vital ways to view the issues related to juvenile delinquency. The programs related to each of these theories are extremely beneficial to lowering crime rates among juveniles. I truly hope that we continue to fund these wonderful programs, as it benefits the future of America.

Sociological Theories Analysis essay

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