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So I Was Having This Conversation

It is unavoidable.It is there in every prospect Of life.How can you expect a person to remain the same forever? Are you the same person you were last year? No! This second is different from the previous one.

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Change it is such a dangerously beautiful word. A word that is welcome and unwelcome at the same time. We eagerly wait for summer to change into winter but we cannot bear the thought of our friends changing their style of speaking or music etc. I love change. It keeps a person unique and fresh. I think people should accept change.

There is no old you or new you it is you in a different aspect. I think people dot like change because t interrupts with the stability of life. If suddenly you were to come home and find your mom dancing instead of preparing your lunch you would question her sanity – “mom what are you doing? ” But why can’t we accept that she too needs a break? I think people who can accept change are the most brave and most open-minded people. People who swore to me that they would always be here left me saying – “you’ve changed. But I found people who accept me change or no change. “l am like the scorching heat that changes into the piercing cold which I turn change into the pitter patter of falling raindrops. I am like the flower that changes from a bud into a flower a caterpillar into a butterfly. I am like the snake that shed its skin and grows every year.

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