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Date Conversations We use interpersonal communication every day in our live. There are three types of communication model, linear, interactive, and transactional communication. Each type of communication model has their strength and weakness. Linear communication is simple and straightforward but it does not totally describe what you wanted to say because it is a one way communication and short. Interactive communication can captures a variety of communication forms but less active and not much of collaborative in both party to interpret meanings because it neglects the active role in senders and receivers.

Transactional communication gives you time to collaborates and to captures what most people thinks, mostly face to face communication, and this model enable both party to constantly exchange nonverbal and verbal messages. Interpersonal communication is an important tool to learns and to builds up your communication skill because they are essential to an interpersonal relationship. It is difficult to build a relationship with someone if interpersonal communication skill is poor. Interpersonal communication helps us recognize concepts and awareness that influences our thoughts, emotion and behaviors in a relationship.

I remembered of my first date with Talia, our conversation it was not as smooth or friendly. We were partner up by our instructor, not by our free will, and this created a barrier between at first; especially that we are both old types person that came from different culture, ethnic and have different ethics. They say first impression is very important when you approach someone because interpersonal communication is irreversible, so I was very cautious or self-aware when I interacted with Talia. Mostly we started out the conversation with a question, and then each of us takes turns to response to the question.

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Half way through the conversation, I noticed that we used fewer questions to start out a new conversation, and we go to straight to the subjects. Our different ethnic’s background intertwined our ethics which influenced our behaviors during the conversation, but we had good eyes contact and body gestures. Knowing my partner’s background, and culture made the conversation more interesting and dynamic. We had our third conversation date was failed because we set the time up already but I was unable to pick up the phone at work.

During the time Talia gave me a call suddenly the customer came to eat and I was busy at that time. Normally, at the time we set up my uncle restaurant was not busy but I do not why this time so busy. I missed the conversation appointment with Talia. I know this is my false. After I received her massage I tried to give her a call back but she did not pick up the phone either. And then I try text her message but the result I got from her was busy too. I know we all busy because we have many thing to take care.

But any way we were failed on third conversation, I know that each person has to responsibility with the first thing we have to deal with. Interpersonal communication skill is essential to interpersonal relationship. It helps us understand and recognizes concepts to build a better relationship, whether it’s for business, friendship, or romantic relationship. Understand interpersonal communication helps you prevent or dealing with dysfunctional relationship, and builds better social networks around you. I believed this skill also helps build your self-esteem, openness, maintaining relationship and a well-being life.

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