Simple Science Experiments

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Put the pan on stand 2. Put the oil on the pan after that put the pepper 3. Wait,what will happen next. Reaction: -The pepper was added on the oil then a fire suddenly appeared on the bowl the potassium permanganate is an oxidant that added on brick fluid is a kind of fuel. Fuel and oxidant need to release energy in form of heat. Fire is The result of their combustion Experiment: 2 Monster Head Experiment

Dry ice Martial and Pestle Rubber Balloon Funnel Bottle with Water Teaspoon 1 . Put The Dry ice on Mortal and pestle then bowdlerized it. 2. Get the balloon and put the funnel on a balloon 3. Put the two teaspoon of dry ice on the balloon,After that get the bottle with water and put the Balloon on the bottles 4. Put the opening of the balloon into the bottle mouth until the dry ice is consumed. Reaction: -The dry ice was put inside the balloon using funnel and the balloon was placed on the bottle filled with water.

They let the ice went down and dissolved. A smoke released and the balloon became inflated. The Dry ice is a Frozen Carbon dioxide that's hay it is solid became gas and it is called sublimation. This gas is a carbon dioxide that helps the balloon to be inflate. Experiment : 3 Salt Smoke Bomb Wick Aluminum tray Salt peter Lighter Tong Procedure: 1 . Put the aluminum tray on the stand 2. Put one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt peter and then mixed it. 3. Put the wick in the middle of aluminum tray. 4. Light up the wick.

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The salt peter and sugar with the ratio one is to one as put on an aluminum tray. The wick was put in the middle of it. They put a fire using lighter the smoke release the salt peter and sugar is a reason why oxidation occurred. Salt peter or potassium nitrate is a kind of oxide or chemical that attacks electrons. Sugar is a kind of reducer or chemical that gives electrons when the sugar and salt pepper lightened,the oxygen increased that's Hay the kind of mixtures change. The other molecules released with oxygen and this is the smoke.

Date:November 3, 2013 Experiment: 1 Levitate or Floating CD Materials CD Magnet CD Rack -Theses in The rack are not together because of the magnet placed under the CD. Every magnet has a north and south pole,There are two possibilities its either opposite attracts or same repels. Len our experiment The CD with magnet repels but not attached to each other so there can't attach whenever we push each other, Fountain Of Beads Beads Glass -The Beads put in a glass,then you will remove it inside the glass without using your bare hands.

The Science behind the experiment is the centers around the principle of inertia. Lintier is the tendency of all object and matter in the universe to remain still,or if moving continue moving in the same direction. Experiment: 3 In-Attention Experiment -In This Experiment They will test your attentiveness. They have an activity that you need to focus your mind,There is a group of dancer that will dance and one of the member is the one that will focus on. Reaction Paper In Science Ill Melody Jacobson Ill-David Hilbert (19)

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