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Should Sikh Children Be Allowed To Wear A Kirpan In School

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Despite that they are Sikh and it's their own religion, allot of Sikhs would still argue that they shouldn't bring it in. One Of the reasons is that they do not fully understand what it means and what it is used for, there for they would not weir it. Another reason being that they don't have to bring a knife in to show that they are a part of their religion; they could wear a badge instead. This would show everyone that they are Sikhs without the hassle of bringing a knife. For-non Sikh Non Sikhs that would argue for it being allowed would usually say if its apart f their religion, let them wear it.

They also might argue that it is not sharp another to hurt anyone unless used with allot of force. And they say that Sikhs would not even get it out for it to be used. As well as not being used it is also not noticeable to anyone as it is usually hidden away under their cloths. Against-non Sikh Non Sikhs could argue that it is bad for Sikhs to bring a Korean in because it could scare other people. It could also be stolen and then used. Non Sikhs could argue that if Sikhs get to bring knives in for protection other people loud start bringing in knives too.

They also think that in schools there is a rule that no knives must be brought into school no matter what, a Korean is a knife Personal opinion personally think that the Korean should not be brought into school because it is a knife and knifes are not allowed in school. If they want to respect their religion they can wear a badge instead. People could also be afraid of the person using it and not want to get on their bad side. Also if it is stolen it could be used to hurt someone with.

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