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Sexuality Demonstrate

Demonstrate an understanding of selected theories and models in relation to social work fields of practice. Task: * A group presentation by a group of up to 5 sstudents on one model or perspective, that demonstrates knowledge of its major assumptions, strengths and weaknesses. Each group is to demonstrate how they would apply this understanding in a specific field of practice.

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* The perspective or model will be assigned to the groups on the first day of the class. Guidelines: * You are to work in groups of up to 5 on the perspective or model given to you on the first day of class. You are to describe the major features of the perspective or model with its major assumptions, strengths and weaknesses. You are to show how this perspective or model can be used within a social work field of practice.

The group should be able to demonstrate why this perspective or model is appropriate for the selected field of practice. * Your findings are to be reported back to the class in a 30 minute group presentation. Your will be required to hand to the tutor after the presentation all supporting details. This will include relevant PowerPoint, OHP, handouts and a list of references/ bibliography. * You are expected to use a vvariety of adult learning methods in your presentation. The methods can include role-play, use of transparencies or PowerPoint, board, flip charts etc.

Participants:| 1| Due Date:| 19th November 2013| Time Limit:| 2 hours| Nga huanga / Learning Outcome: * Explain the processes and methods of working with individuals, families, whanau, groups, and communities underpinned by a range of theories/models. Task: * A closed book in-class test based on lecture material, class discussions and readings. Guidelines: * The test will be conducted under normal test conditions. * The test will be a closed book test. * There will be 10 minutes reading time. * The test will be up to two hours long. * The questions may include multi-choice or essay type questions or a combination of these.