American Pie. Coercive Sexuality

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Coercive Sexuality By Diep Chu FS 337 March 2013 Coercive Sexuality Coercive sexuality is an important factor in American Pie movie. In this movie, audiences can see different pictures of teenagers trying to experiences sexual intercourse for the first time in their lives (Zide, Perry, and Weitz, 1999). And the more aggressive they are, people can see coercive sexuality involved in different scenes. Coercive sexual behavior among students has been an area of concern to society.

At the time when human sexuality topic becomes so popular in teenagers’ world, those students in the movies let people understand more about their points of views about sexuality. The question that I want to address in this paper is: Do we as a society treat some coercive sexuality as acceptable, or even desirable? In what way do the attitudes towards these mirrors the attitudes of our society in general? It would shocked some people how teens think about sex so openly and wrongfully, which against many basic human morality. Do we as a society treat some coercive sexuality as acceptable, or even desirable?

We as a society don’t treat coercive sexuality as acceptable. We live in a society in which individuals form intimate relationships and shape their roles within authentic needs and desires rather than as a result of pressures to conform to any model. In this society, people are educated and empowered to make sexual decisions based on the safety, consent, and desire of all parties involved rather than based on an externally imposed morality. As youths in the movie do not have prepared much knowledge with technique in relationships, they had some sexual actions to force the girls have sex with them. Zide, Perry, and Weitz, 1999). In return, the girls reject it. When Oz asks the college girl: “Suck me, beautiful”, she was laughing and told him the he had to pay attention to pay attention to the girl and be sensitive to her feeling. Kevin’s first motivation is to get laid with his girlfriend, Vicky. She refuses him few times until she feels totally ready. Jim did not aware that he broadcast Natalie’s sexual image to whole school. But on her side, she sure will not be happy to have him do that without her consent (Zide, Perry, and Weitz, 1999).

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In what way do the attitudes towards these mirrors the attitudes of our society in general? For many years society tried to control sexual behavior in youth by citing the traditional negative consequences of sexual experiences and community disapproval. Television, being the highly influential, has been both part of the solution and part of the problem in the area of sex and youth. At the beginning, Jim was watching porn and his parents notice it (Zide, Perry, and Weitz, 1999). This would happen to many families in our society today when kids are in puberty. Those entertainments affect teen’s sexual behavior heavily.

They will copy those disapproval contents in it. At almost the end of the movie, those youth figured out they want to experience sex only because of peer pressure. They finally understand sex had no meaning without love or the girls’ willingness (Zide, Perry, and Weitz, 1999). Public education has had some major problems in this area and few schools have any real programs in sex education. Many parents do not want their children to learn about sex early. But the more they avoid it, the more kids want to learn about it. This movie indicates good pictures of how teens nowadays think about sex.

The sexual values are much different in them nowadays. Male youths try to have the girls get laid with them just to show off with friends. Those aggressive attitudes sometime lead to unwanted sexual situations with their girlfriends. And society will determine it as coercive sexuality. These raise high concern to society today. In fact, schools should teach them more about human relationship and right technique in sexuality. References Zide, W. and Perry, C. (Producer), & Weitz, P. (Director). (1999). American Pie (Universal Picture). United States.

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