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Jacob Trettin Dr. Meehan April 28, 2005 Self Reflection When I think of my freshmen year in college certain things come to mind. The most important thing that I think of is my writing and communication skills. One class that helped me a great deal is Composition and Communication. The reason I think that class helped me is because I learned how too improve my thesis as well as my entire essays, also my process of how I write my essays, and how to give a effective speech. When I came to college one of my biggest fears was my writing skills.

I knew my essays were never that great in high school and I feared that I was expected to have better writing skills then what I had at this point. Then I entered a class called composition and communication. Coming into this class at first I was nervous because I knew in was going to be heavy loaded in the writing area. Then we wrote are first essay about a musical performance on this essay I focused on my thesis because that was one of my goals going into this class to improve my thesis in my essays. I believe I was successful in my thesis for this paper. Over all I think this paper was my best out of all the essays we wrote for this class.

On the next essay I really focused on my writing process I started with an outline then turned that into a pretty sketchy rough draft. I was a little skeptical at first about how it was going to turn out. Usually my rough drafts don’t really change a whole lot but that was not the case for this one. My final draft was a complete change it was like I wrote 2 different essays and picked the best one. I didn’t just change the essay I made it better and it just happened to completely change the essay. I soon realized that this process was a much improvement to my writing style and I decided to try it out on all my essays that I write.

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Another skill that I was definitely not born with is my ability to speak in front of a group. I will be the first to tell you that I am a horrible speaker. With that said you can probably tell that I don’t have a lot of confidence in my speaking skills. This does not stop me from trying to improve in this area by any means. The first speech we gave in C and C class was quite frankly horrible. After this I decided I will improve little by little in my college career and the first step was to improve on the next speech that we will give in this C and C class.

When I found out what are next speech was about I buckled down and came up with a magnificent plan of action. Although it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped I still believe I took a step in the right direction. There is definitely room for improvement however. All in All I believe that my experience with my composition and communication class was a defendant plus and I think it gave me a great base for what is to come in my higher writing courses. I feel there is plenty of ways I can get better but for now I am proud of where I am at as a writer.

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