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Seize the Opportunity

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Have you ever seen the movie “YES MAN” with Jim Carrey. I believe most of you do, which is one of my favorite movie. in this movie, Jim Carrey goes to this motivational seminar which teaches that you have to say ‘Yes’ to everything in life, and this will open unimaginable doors. So, Jim Carrey starts to say ‘Yes’ to everything and he starts to have all these amazing experiences and learns so many different . He got a promotion for his job, he find a girlfriend, and of course it’s a happy ending. Movies always come from reality, but it beyond reality.

I think blindly saying yes to everything is not such a good idea, it will open opportunities and also might put you in trouble, so It’s easy to see many plots in this movie are not gonna happen in our life, but it still give us an important idea, which is having a positive attitude to every opportunity can bring success to you. We couldn’t live like a yes man say yes to everything, but we can use the following skills to seize the opportunity, which are say “yes” more often, have a positive attitude , take more risk. First of all, it’s impossible to say “Yes” to everything, but you could almost certainly say “Yes” to more than you do.

When your friends invite you to join them to do something they like, and that you’ve never tried, what would you say. Do you take the chance to try it, or do you just put them down because you are too busy to do something else . If the first time human being saw the fire, and not try to make a fire, I guess we wouldn’t exist in this planet today. We all have potential, and potential is possibility. the only way to increase possibility is to learn more knowledge , to see more things, and to make more choices. So, let’s try it. Say “Yes” to something you would normally turn down.

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Try different food, try different music, have a conversation with different type of people. If you are shy, take guy way’s public speaking class. If you are noisy, try to be quiet and learn something from other. The world is huge, we should open ourselves to more opportunities, instead of staying where we are. Second, Positive attitude is very important to be successful and happy. Have you ever looked at people who always seem happy and enjoy life and wish you could be more like them? We are living in the same world, for some people, life is suffering, because they are easily broken down by any little trouble.

For other people, life is paradise, because they have a positive attitude to face trouble. They always believe they are stronger than who they are, and they have more possibility to defeat any problem. According to Dr Becca Levy, a Harvard University social psychologist who focuses her research on aging and attitudes, a positive attitude will let you live longer. Therefore, never give up your belief. Whenever you give up , you close the door to success. Being curious and happy, and with humor. Those positive attitudes will finally help you to seize the opportunity.

Last, opportunities won’t last forever, and people always regret. According to wiki, the definition of opportunity is :a chance for advancement or profit and A favorable occasion or time. So, it takes risk and also short lived. When you’re sitting on couch watching TV, how much risk you are taking, and how many opportunities come to you? When a man start a new business, he is not only taking risk, but also taking advantage of an opportunity. Also, when you have your target, just do it and don’t hesitate, cause chance won't wait for you forever.

For many examples, men want to chase a girl they like, they always want to set up a perfect time and encounter. However, when they finally get to the right time, someone else has already got there. Opportunity are not prepared for you, it’s for everyone. If you don’t take risk, you will regret forever. In conclusion, in this huge planet, anything is possible. In order to follow your dream, you should size every chance. Saying “yes” is way to open more possibility, having a positive attitude will keep things going smoothly, and taking risk will lead you to success directly. When you have done those, opportunity is right in your hand.

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