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Role of Christ in my Life

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My upbringing was of a military family with my Father being from central Indiana and my mother coming from Japan, this difference has interestingly shaped my views a little bit differently from hers, but on the same side of things as we have become older shaped a truly similar point of view on ourselves, family, and society. Taking the Myers Briggs test I scored a type SITS and was named a Trustee, meaning that I was more Introverted, sensing, thinking, and Judging than my mate although similar with a type JIFFS and names conservator tying between introverted and extroverted, ensign, feeling, and judging being her higher marked percentages.

What I found out is that for me it was pretty accurate I feel as I am more introverted when it comes to accomplishments and things that I can do to make things matter most. Am a thinker and think most before doing something whether It has to do with myself of others, and overtime have become Judging in my perception of Issues or Ideas.

My Interviewee tested similar with the exception of being more feeling, I for one can see this as she is always looking out for the less fortunate, and helping when she can no tater what, spreading her schedule thinner as the days of the week unfold. My interviewer remembers information better if given the opportunity to observe rather than reading about a behavior. The reason was given that to observe Is better than reading as translation can be misconstrued or left out when trying to remember Just what It was you had Just read about.

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I for one am split between the two as I do learn better by observing an example or technique than reading, but feel strongly that I can also read about behaviors or techniques and then apply what I had just read bout, I also feel that with the more media on sicknesses and disorders in schools and with more kids being diagnosed with ADD it comes to a point that what you take in daily Is the information on what signs to look for and where to seek help, another Instance is that It seems like you can Just talk to any given parent who has kids and school and you will find someone who has experienced this firsthand or knows someone who has dealt with it. Interviewee chooses to study at home with distractions and noise as opposed to going to a quiet place like a public library.

She feels as though noise and distractions are of no concern over the ability to be comfortable in her own setting at home, and she doesn't really want to be in a place unfamiliar because that alone will give her more distractions than any that could could settle into a calm quiet environment better to be able to concentrate better with little or no distraction apparent. I know that if I chose to study at home and was not able to retreat to my downstairs office for peace and quiet I would not be able to concentrate long enough to do any good. One way I study at home is to do it either early in the morning or later in the evening so that I am not tempted to see what else the family is doing of find myself choosing to partake in other activities other than studying. The results of the Myers Briggs test for the interviewee was one of being a conservator; she was more opt to minister to others needs and desired to be of service to others first besides herself.

I on the other hand was one of Trustee, decisive in practical affairs, and a guardian of time honored institutions. My interviewee felt as if the test was somewhat accurate and that it lacked accuracy on how she believed she should of scored, she had a hard time believing that only a little over 13% of the population was indeed similar to her. She felt that with Christianity being as high as it was in the U. S. That more people should have been scored as to have the desire to help others in need and to mentor to them. I thought that the test was fairly accurate for me as I am very traditional in my thinking and decisive, but felt similar as I thought that more than 11% should be like me.

My interviewee thought that childhood memories of church and observations on how her parents treated others shaped her personality as a young women, and then as she matured it grew into a better relationship with her memories of church that helped her to continue to want to go and become better at doing the things that Christ has died for us to become. She felt strongly that it was her desire or the Holy Spirit moving in her lead her to this understanding and defines who she is today. I felt different as I was never brought up in church and didn't even attend church until I aired my wife and was then arrears old. I feel that my parents strong will to be respectable after all my father was in the Ana and I held a pretty straight line or suffered the consequences for my actions, that and the Japanese culture from my mother's side which has a very high respect for a family honor that molded my transformation as a young man to adulthood.

I do feel that after living the way I did, which was a typical one as a young man it was later in life when my wife asked me to attend church that I felt something was missing and that desire led to my walk with Christ that shaped my personality today. Interviewee feels as if she is very self monitoring as I pertains to her attitude each and every day, an attitude that starts with what she takes in, what she reads, watches, meditates to, music she listens to, and even the food she eats. She made the comments "garbage in garbage out". I felt as if this has also led my day as well. I choose to be conscious of what I say and what I do. This awareness affords me the ability to handle the everyday stresses with work, school, kids, etc. Tit confidence that I can get through the day Just as long as I have the attitude to behave positively and responsibly.

The strongest things that influence the interviewee's attitudes are scripture. She gives GOD her first and last each and every day. This positive uplifting meditation that includes, prayer, bible readings, and awareness allows herself to be charged for positive things and allows her the ability to handle stressful times with integrity and honor to GOD. The thing that I felt strongly about that has the most influence on my attitude is my mind. If I allow things torn down with negative influences. I too feel that a conscious relationship with Christ has offered me and equipped my spirit to handle stressful situations with integrity and honor as well.

Role of Christ in my Life essay

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