The Restaurant that I’m Going to Own

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It has always sounded extraordinary exiting to me to build my own restaurant. I can picture in my mind exactly how it would look and feel to my customers. I will be able to put my personality into my restaurant. I am thinking now about my restaurant’s interior, exterior, and, of course, menu. The interior of the restaurant that I am going to own its going to be big and spacious with an extra room for special events. It’s going to have nature decorations like plants, flowers, and fruits.

It’s going to have nature colors like light brown, dark brown, green (gardenia green color). It’s going to have a light hardwood floor that will make the costumer feel very comfortable, the music that will be played its going to be relaxing instrumental music and live music on Saturday nights. It will have three different sizes of tables like 4 people tables, 6 people table and group tables ( 10 -12 chairs). The waiters are going to wear a comfortable uniform that will represent the restaurant colors.

The exterior of my future restaurant it going to have a big and decorative sign that will be visible from long distance. It will be located in front of the beach and the walls are going to be made of wood and bamboo with the nature color of them, the roof will be made as a Hawaiian style. The principal door will be made of bamboo with a small glass window. Its decoration will represent an exotic Hawaiian style with a lot of leafs and flowers, and a beautiful fountain, and a big palm tree in front of the restaurant that will give to the customers the feeling of being in an island.

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It’s going to have a big parking lot for the customers and another one for the staff. We are going to offer a delicious and exquisite menu to our customers, offering Hawaiian food and exotic beverages. There will be a variety of Hawaiian food in our menu like Kalua Pork, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Saimin, Seafood, Salads, Mahi Mahi Burger, and much more. The prices will vary on the menu, but they will be affordable for everyone who wants to enjoy of our Hawaiian menu.

Our main dishes will be the Kalua Pork, Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki, steamed rice, vegetables, and salad. We will have some variety of dessert like ice cream, Lime Jello Cheesecake, Pies, and exotic fruits. Our menu will include free water and a delicious variety of appetizers that will make the customers feel happy to be in our restaurant. I have enjoyed preparing to construct my own restaurant. Of course, it is a lot of work, but it is overall a completely enjoyable experience. I hope everyone can find something they love to do as I have.

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