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Reflective Letter

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In Class Assignment 4 4 Reflective Letter: Introduction 4 People are capable to learn from several basis of knowledge throughout their life. Knowledge can come from sciences or language. Actually, language may come first according to the demand and affectedness of arrangement. It is the link of all other sciences skills. Through fourteen weeks period of learning “English Academic Writing II " I have gained three important points that I hope they will lead me to be an independent writer.

These points are thesis statement, discussion leader and Read, Reason, Write activity. Body 4 Thesis statement is the master key of the essay . Whenever you have read an essay, but keeps feeling that something is missing, it will be surely in the thesis statement. Thesis statement is a sentence , a couple or even more in which arrange, clarify ,state and simplify the main points which will be discussed in detailed each one alone in the essay .

Thesis statement helps understand the structure and systematic arrangement of the essays. I have learned how to write a strong thesis statement through a lot of practices of different types of essays. The second point that touched me through attending this course was leading a class discussion through a new topic with several points to be discussed. A discussion leader activity has inspired me and it has enhanced my self-confidence as an independent writer.

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In addition, it improves other skills for the person to achieve better experience of understanding how to write, specify or conceive people through your piece of writing. Last point, but not the least, '' Read, Reason, Write’’ assignment which focuses on justifying the reasons behind a written essay through writing. Therefore, it is a kind of challenge or inverse of writing skills by giving a written response. This helped me gathering a nice collection of ideas of arrangement, new stylistics of writing, and ways of expression.

This collection can support my skills as an independent writer and improve it as well. Conclusion 4 In conclusion, the benefits I got from past practices provide better quality of writer and writing . Thus, it results in improvement or developing the skills of language, writing, or even both. Discussion leader and "Read, Reason, Write" activities have integrated my writing, while thesis statement and its practices have fluently achieved the understanding of different essays.

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