Informative Essay on Reflection Paper

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Teachers, parents, and peers can all assume who is a good student and who is not by their reparation for the class, in-class behavior, and how they manage their classes on their free time. It is permanently vital to be prepared for class not only for yourself but to show the professor what kind of student you are. This means that the student should have read the material beforehand to get a clear understanding of the theme of the following lecture and prepare any questions.

Also, being on time and bringing the proper necessities to class will show your professor that you are ready to learn. Being prepared for class is the first impressions students show their professors. I complete my reparation the day before the class. Do this to refresh my memory of the new course material. In addition, if I have a question, jot it down in my note book so will not forget it the day of class. I always keep my needed supplies in my backpack and double check before every class.

If you are not prepared, your professor may think down upon you, which is an undesirable way to prove your self-worth. Behavior inside the classroom is correspondingly important. Just like being prepared, showing up to class on time can increase your chances of having a great first impression. Classroom etiquette involves tying throughout all of class while being involved and taking notes. Although am very shy and quite, give my professors clues that I am paying attention and am interested in their class.

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To do this, sit in the front of the class, look at the teacher while he or she is talking, and ask any questions that may come up. In addition, I try my best to keep small group discussions on topic. However, I know that I can greatly extend these tactics to prove how interested I am in the class. After class many students forget to do their assignments and procrastinate until the last possible moment. This will result in terrible work and prove to the professor that their class is not one of your priorities.

The best way I show my professors that I am interested in class is by taking the time with my homework and papers. Will complete the assignment but will continue to recheck what have done up until I am completely pleased with my work. By doing so, I am communicating that I actually care about the class. In Sociology 201 , I put in my best effort to impress my professor. Although I am not asking many questions and do not talk as much as other students, do try my best to prove my interest and give great impression by the work I do produce.

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