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Yesterday was indeed a very busy and special day for our family. It has been a family tradition to celebrate Mother’s day with the entire family and with each one of us excitedly prepared with a gift and a letter for our Mum. Dad led the different activities lined up for the day. Everyone actively participated and contributed, which made the celebration truly meaningful and memorable. We made sure we have shown our love, appreciation and gratefulness to the one woman who painstakingly brought us in this world and nurtured us with unconditional love, guidance, and undying support.

Mum was still asleep when we scattered our gifts and letters cut out in different colours, shapes, and sizes by her bedside early in the morning. We then prepared breakfast consisted of steamed rice, fried eggs and sauteed tuna and bread. We squeezed fresh oranges to give her the freshest and healthiest breakfast just the way she does every day for all of us. We capped her breakfast delight with beautifully assembled fresh strawberry with classic yoghurt, her favourite dessert. When Mum woke up, she was greeted with a kiss from Dad and a happy mother’s day hug. Mom read the letters and opened the presents.

There was a big grin on her face when she opened my little brother’s gifts which are chocolate balls from the baptism party we went the night before. Same with my little sister who gifted Mum with the baby in a cradle also from the baptism party but both gifts were artistically wrapped in their personally cut out big hearts giving it their personal touch. My sister and I bought Mum a heart pendant. Dad treated Mum to a lunch at the Adelaide Casino after watching Pacquiao and Mosley fight there, while we children stayed at Urbanest, a cool students’ accommodation place across Adelaide Casino and baked macaroons there.

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We had early dinner with my Dad’s fellow Filipino scholars. After having dinner, we then went to church and headed home after. Mum thanked us with kisses for the wonderful break from her daily routine of unselfishly attending to all our needs first over hers. I reflected on the day’s event and truly believed it was proper to pay tribute to all the mothers around the world for everything that we are, it was especially so because of our Mums.

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