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As the Director, one of my concerns is setting the goal early on and encouraging a sense of empowerment in my subordinates. My setting the goal of creating a staff handbook, I will set effective goals which are critical to my role. Because I expect high performance from my employees, and this performance is measured based upon goals set or meet by either myself or other managers I will create a focused goal. This focus will direct the employee’s attention and actions towards meeting the goal. In addition, it will mobilize the general team building effort to making sure that reasonable strategies are in place to attain those goals.

Furthermore, I must make sure that those goals are considered reasonable in the first place. If they are not reasonable or appropriate the job will not be completed appropriately. In addition, if I expect unreasonable goals then my employees will have a negative impact in their overall performance. As I will be organized in the goal setting, I also must make sure that the goals are effectively measurable. These measures are quantitative such as having a timeframe for completion of each milestone of the project in place (Jensen, McMullen, and Stark 2007, p. 46-47).

When goals are considered measurable then when conflicts arise which challenge due dates or completion of aspects of a project, then strategic decision making will occur which will change those due dates if required or request more aid from other team members. This will allow me to fully measure the capacity of employees so that tasks can be moved around if need be. . On a psychological level, it is imperative that my employees consider that each goal is achievable. For instance, should inadequate or unavailable resources be seen then employees will fail to deliver because they don’t have what they require to complete the project.

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Furthermore, the employees and I will be functioning on insufficient information. It is highly potential for insufficient information to entail bad decision making or incorrect data being presented. It is important that challenges be in place for employees as well. As challenges and ambition go hand in hand, empowerment is usually a great way to deal with an uncertainties being faced by employees. By empowering individuals, I can also tend to recognize individuals for being proactive and doing a good job. Research on this has provided that higher goals yield higher performance to ensure that they do the best job possible.

Therefore, my employees will feel motivated in their roles and I too will see a higher level of performance and higher expectation level. Because I wish to train my new recruits as well as motivate both the experienced employees as well as the newest members of my team, I must provide feedback and rewards to make sure that the project and performance is on track. These elements will encourage participation in the goal-setting components of the creation of the staff book (Martin 2005, p. 175-184) My chief role as Director is to set objectives.

I lay out what the objectives should be, determine various aspects or what goals need to be in each required area, determine what has to be done to reach the set objectives, and communicate effectively to make sure that my subordinates can attain the objectives. Another requirement for my role is to organize. As I analyze and make decisions about the project, I can divvy that work up into manageable objectives and group various employees and their required skill sets into a particular organizational structure. In addition to organizing or planning, I also motivate and communicate.

By making individual subordinates responsible for various jobs I can manage more effectively. At that time, I can constantly be communicating and rewarding individuals or units for a job well done. In order to reward individuals, I must make sure that I can efficiently measure performance. Each employee should be aware of what the measurements are, i. e. timeframe for completion of milestone in the project, and at the same time aid can be provided if those measurements are in jeopardy of not being met. Last but not least, good management practice is also to develop people and their talents (Drucker 1986, p.

344-345). In terms of the generic concept of employment law, in a voluntary organization, as with many nonprofit corporations, employees are seen as volunteers and not employees. Nevertheless, a volunteer is majority of the time still considered an agent. However, these laws are murky when it comes down to if employment law applies to volunteers as well. This area of law is relatively new. Material here is divided upon into three categories: probably not applicable, probably applicable, and applicability unclear and is used in hypothesizing if the law applies to volunteers or not.

My concern is that my employees might feel that they do not have to work under the applicable employee principles and policies because they might be under the frame of mind that these rules do not apply to them. These newest recruits must still be aware that there is a hierarchy and employee rules which must be abided by for the creation of the employee handbook and consecutive policies to be successful. Early on in their training, I and my subordinate managers will lay out the ground rules for team workings, protocols, and expectations. This will enable my employees to become immediately aware of the in-place leadership style.

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