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Purpose and Time Management

When purpose is not defined, abuse/misuse is inevitable’ life would be lived to the fullest potential if its purpose is well defined.It does not only stop at defining the purpose of your existence, it is way more than that, you have got to have a ‘clear purpose’.A purpose driven life would definitely be an new of all eyes, such a life would affect and impart others positively and so also would be success personified.

A life with a clear purpose would readily surmount challenges and turn them into gold mines, how you might want to ask? When you discover the purpose of your existence and stay glued to it, you have not only succeeded in winning your first battle in life, so also you have succeeded in separating yourself from the crowd, in that you know where your passion lies, you have discovered your potentials/ strengths/ capabilities and you would channel all you have got: your inner drive/ will power/ passion/ vision towards maximizing your strengths.

Defining a clear purpose gets you only half way, you need stay within the confines of your purpose to get to the dream land, whereby oh can replicate success bearing in mind John Maxwell nugget- ‘ success without succession is a failure’ .

There are essential ingredients in staying aligned to the right path: focus would make you strong while weathering the storm of life because success comes at a price, good ideals will not make you lack encouragement while the struggle lasts because you are on a cause you believe in and it is a prize worth dying for, this in turn would make you resilient and you will never relent until you achieve your set goals.

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Time management is of most importance if you desire to leave your foot on the sand of time, you have got to get your priorities right, be assertive and do things as and when due.

The only resource God has given all creatures in equal proportion is time knowing full well that we vary in potentials, motivation, encouragement to say but a few. If you maximize your time to the fullest and see procrastination not Just as a thief of time but also as an enemy of destiny and progress, then you would not allow this vital resource escape from your grasp and management. Proper scheduling skills is important, coupled with adequate discipline, you will not allow events and circumstances to plan your time but vice versa will be the case, if and only if you have got the assassination that whatever takes your time, makes your life. Genius is 10% aspiration and 90% perspiration”. Time management requires discipline, focus, resilience, and it is painstaking, that I am not disputing, but with these inherent attributes, your equation of success is almost complete because the afore mentioned re core values of success and would help you up the ante of your accomplishment/ breakthrough/emergence/ victory by keying into this principle of management.

Show me a man with adept time management skills and there you have got a man who can control all the other resources required for success. A clear purpose plus proper time management will set you far above the crowd, time. Both run simultaneously, better put hand-in-hand and not independent of each other if ‘awesome success’ that would bless and change lives even after you are long gone is all you crave for.

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