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We had our induction to the fitness training by doing a fitness test which tested our fitness before we started our fitness program to see where we were at tenets wise and for the test I did it in 19. 30 minutes which wasn't that good at the time. So we started the program and firstly in our group we started doing upper body work which was fine, it did get tough in some of the exercises we did mainly because we tried to do much but luckily we didn't get any injuries so we carried on with it and with that I noticed improvements in my upper body strength within that period of two weeks.

Also was working at that time so I would have gone In the gym more times but I could due to that but also because of where I work and the apartment I work In, you're having to constantly take out cages and pallets, the cages can weigh up to keg and the pallets can weigh to keg and above and that also helped as well with Improving my body strength and fitness as well so that also helped. The strengths of this was that my upper body strength has improved and that I am able to do the same exercises quicker. And that I have got a better muscle definition now to my arms and shoulders now.

The weaknesses of this was that I wasn't able to come in any more due to engagements with work and also course work and rugby training. Also I was getting very fatigued with my upper body and I was getting the occasional strain which affected my performance at work and college. Improvements and changes to the fitness program: the improvements that I would make to the training program would be that I would Increase the frequency of the exercises such as do It more times a week If the time Is available to do so and that I would also add In more exercises to do to get the full benefit of the training to Improve the upper body strength.

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Overall I would add In more Interval training and probably also swimming as it helps your whole body. Week 3 and 4 we were doing lower body and leg training with this I didn't notice much difference to my lower body strength. In my opinion the lower body exercises were harder to do than the upper body exercises because you couldn't fit in much variety to it so you were having to mainly do the same exercise over and over but overall it wasn't too bad and we got used to it over time and I noticed minor improvements overall such as better definition and strength overall.

But the one thing I did notice was that I was constantly having to have help at work with pulling the cages out of the ware house u to leg fatigue and also during the leg exercises I kept on straining my groin and once I strained hamstring In my right leg. The strengths of doing this was that I got a minor Improvement In leg strength and also better leg tone. The weaknesses of this was that I was constantly straining my groin whilst doing the leg exercises which was very annoying and that I wish I got more out of this.

Also that I was having to have to leg fatigue and also straining my groin. Improvements and changes to the training program: the way I would make changes to the lower body training would be that I loud add more variety and I would do more exercises because when I was doing the program I was doing the same exercises over and over and it got kind of boring, so I would add in other exercises such as squat thrusts and also I would add in sit up's.

Week 5 and 6 we were doing cardiac vascular fitness and of which I thought I got quite a lot out of it fitness wise and I noticed difference within my cardiac vascular fitness whilst doing any kind of fitness. With improving my cardiovascular fitness there is a lot of variety which makes it not boring because you're constantly doing different activities which makes it interesting and doesn't make you lose focus as easily And plus you can do fitness like farther and interval training on a public field which is easy enough.

What I would change: well I wouldn't change much to the fitness program itself but I would try to space it out more evenly and not put it all in so closely and I would also do more training the next time I was going to do the fitness program which would improve my overall fitness a lot more. But the one thing I do lack a lot of is stamina, say that you are physically fit but you get out of breath quickly but you're till able to carry one though.

The strengths of the fitness program was that over the two weeks my fitness did improve quite a lot which means that I was able to keep up with my rugby colleagues whilst at training doing touch rugby and other activities. The weaknesses of this program was that I didn't do enough fitness during the week outside of college so I didn't get the maximum out of it but if I had done fitness outside of college I would have become a lot fitter and would have been able to do a lot more fitness wise but I did get a lot fitter from the fitness program.

The end of the tenets program, after the 6 weeks of training upper body, lower body and cardiovascular fitness training I have found noticeable differences/improvements in all areas that I trained. Since starting the fitness program I was back into rugby training and I have started playing again which is all good and I think if it wasn't for the six week training program I think I wouldn't have been able to cope with the needs of rugby. At the end of the six week training program we had a fitness test which was the same as the one we did at the start of the test, when I first did the test

I did it in 19 minutes 30 seconds and when I did it the second time at the end of the fitness program I finished it in 16 minutes 30 seconds which is a huge difference than when the first time I did it which shows that my overall fitness and strength has improved which is a good thing because that's what I set out to achieve which is a good thing. Also whilst doing the fitness program I have been taken off one of my inhalers for my asthma which is very good which means that my asthma is going and also once it all goes I should have a better chance to get into other public services ouch as the navy.

Targets for the future: my targets are that I would go swimming, even though I'm not the best of swimmers I can improve and with swimming its improves your whole body muscular wise and improves your fitness a lot and as I got approached by Cleveland second team players saying that I should play for them at the beginning of the new season and they said I probably would be playing at blindside flanker for them and I Just think that's brilliant but I would have to get lot fitter to do so. Also I will be planning to start boxing training again to get my

I know the owner he would probably make me exercise like a dog and when I have spare time during the week or preferably in the morning I would possibly go on runs and set a benchmark time and each week I would try and improve it every week then getting onto a certain time. Http://www. Swimming. Org/swimsuit/why-swimming-needs- to-be-part-of-your-lifestyle/ Conclusion: In this piece of work I have evaluated my performance in the six week training programming and have included my strengths and weaknesses and also I have talked about before and after the training program and what's happened since then.

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