Level Of Crime Is Increasing And Crimes Are Becoming Violent

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Nowadays, it is observed that the level of crime is increasing and is more violent as compared many years ago. There are various factors that lead to this problem and some of them will be discussed and its solution will also be tackled. Nowadays, it is observed that the number of criminality is rising in several countries and is more violent. There are various factors why this is happening and myriad of interventions to solve it. In this essay, I would enumerate some reasons and solutions about it.

First of all, the root cause of present crime incidents is drugs. Suspects of heinous crimes like murder and rape are found under the influence of drugs. Even minor individuals are into drug addiction and are tempted to commit crimes in order to satisfy one’s longing. Another factor to the significant increase of crime rates is due to poverty. Many families are suffering from hunger and are struggling from their day to day living.

Earning below minimum wage and the various increase in prices of the basic commodities make them uncomfortable and problematic. Due to this fact, they tend to resort to various crimes like stealing, car napping, hold up and even murder just for survival. In order to minimize drug related crimes, the government must implement stricter policy in enforcing the campaign against drug trafficking. Drug lords and dealers must be imprisoned for life and be penalized.

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In the case of poverty, the government should provide more budget to the Department of Education and even provide subsidized tuition to students of low-earning families. In this manner, these students will have a chance of attaining a degree and will have a much better career in the future that will lift their families from poverty. Thus, this will have a domino effect in decreasing the crime incidents in the community. Therefore, drug addiction and poverty should be primarily addressed by the government to decrease the country’s crime rate.

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