Psychology and Behavior Critical Essay

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Psychology as a discipline relies upon the scientific method of inquiry in order to observe and describe the behavior of its subjects. More specifically, in the realm of behavioral psychology, psychologies rely heavily upon empirical research and a theoretical approach to understanding the diverse and changing ways that humans behave. This brief essay will discuss how behavioral psychology understands the human condition.

Behavioral psychologists, according to the American Psychological Association, form their base of inquiry on experimental, cognitive, developmental, physiological, and social psychology in addition to learning theories, human development, biological bases of behavior, cognitive aspects of behavior, affective aspects of behavior, psychopathology, principles of measurement, ethics, clinical decision making, ethnic and cultural diversity issues, research methods, and group and single-subject experimental designs (Archival).

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They are further concerned with how all of these discourses interact and impact one another. From this foundation, behavioral psychology has been applied to a wide range of issues, such as depression, anxiety, health related problems, childhood development, violence and aggressive behavior, and substance abuse, among others (Archival).

As related to the scientific method, behavioral psychology utilizes classical conditioning methods, operant approaches, social learning and cognitive therapy approaches to observe and describe the behavior of its subjects. Works Cited Archival Description of Behavioral Psychology. (2009). Graduate Education: American Psychological Association. Retrieved 4 March 2009, from http://www. apa. org/crsppp/archivbehav. html

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