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Organizational Behavior Critical Essay

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False Research in organizational behavior is based on scientific thinking, which means he proposed explanations are carefully tested and the explanations that can be scientifically verified are the only ones that are accepted. Question 5 Commonly used organizational behavior research methods Include case studies, survey studies, meta analyses, field studies, and laboratory studies. Correct Answer personality traits include extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and creativity.

Question 7 According to research by Rich Arrive and colleagues, family experiences are more important than experiences at work in shaping women's leadership placement. Question 8 As a determinant of personality, heredity consists of those factors that are determined at conception, including physical characteristics, gender, and personality factors. Question 9 Extroversion, a "Big Five" personality dimension, is associated with being imaginative, curious, and broad-minded.

Question 10 In terms of Job performance, research has shown that conscientiousness predicts job performance across five occupational groups of professions?engineers, police, managers, salesperson, and skilled and semiskilled employees. Question 1 1 Emotional intelligence is one's ability to understand emotions and manage Question 12 True Researchers have identified twenty major categories of emotions, each of which generally includes some subcategories. Question 13 Researchers have identified six major categories of emotions: anger, fear, Joy, love, sadness, and surprise.

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Organizational Behavior Critical Essay

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Question 14 Self-conscious emotions come from internal sources and social emotions come from external sources. Question 15 Compared to emotions, moods are more intense. Question 16 The quality or accuracy of a person's perceptions has a relatively minor impact on the person's behavior. Question 17 The factors that contribute to perceptual differences and the perceptual process among people at work include characteristics of the perceiver, the setting, and the perceived.

A person's past experiences, needs or motives, personality, values, and attitudes may all influence the perceptual process. Question 19 When a bright red sports car stands out from a group of gray sedans, this demonstrates figure/ground separation. Question 20 Selective screening occurs only through conscious awareness. Question 21 Content theories of motivation mainly focus on the physiological and psychological efficiencies that people feel a compulsion to reduce or eliminate.

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