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Prominence of Computer Security and Forensics

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Forensics and related courses are fast flattering current career of the students. It has a global reputation for excellent in the development of the techniques of forensics. The forensics is the investigation process which is related to the police services.

Many students are focused in forensics some of the area are the following

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  1. Criminology
  2. Toxicology
  3. Questioned Documents
  4. Odontology
  5. Pathology / Medical Examiner
  6. Physical/ Forensic Anthropology
  7. Forensic psychiatry/psychology

Many opportunities are waiting for the students who are pursuing forensics science and other related courses. The main criteria in the forensic science are

Chemistry -analysis of paint, chemicals counting fire investigation and reconstruction of accidents.
Biology – It is associated to crimes in contradiction of people murder, assault and rape cases.
Drugs and toxicology.

Research Enterprises of Forensics

Consulting with people on the front appearances and document their problems.
Eavesdrop to law enforcement and relate our own knowledge of computer forensics according to those problems.
Learn current investigating techniques and suggest alternatives, measuring the alternatives in real world and reporting the results.
Pay attention to the sufferers and give them a good solution to analyse what happened to them and report it appropriately.

Job availability segments for forensic students

  1. Law enforcement
  2. Financial
  3. Consulting and
  4. Academic.

Forensics courses develop the unique skills which means a person cannot handle the networks without any knowledge of it and for example a computer engineer cannot survive in the forensic field just because he can knows only about the system management. So the above are the sectors for the computer forensic students.

Importance of security

Security is the most important thing in everyone’s day to day life. A mail can be hacked by fetching the original information and it is replaced by a fake data to cheat people with the help of some software’s.

A fake websites are there by collecting the personal bank information of an individual person, it happens like a person is asked to buy some stuffs by sending them a portal of the bank information to be filled and after sometime that pages are fetched and hacked by some frauds .

These are all the techniques used to hack the personal information and trouble them so computer security is there to give some surety to the companies by protecting the secrets of each and every person’s information.

Anonymous tools

It could be used to create an unidentified data form the original data. Forensic researchers will be having packet dumps, email messages, document files, disk images, etc..,

Types of forensics

  1. Disk forensics
  2. Network forensics
  3. RAM forensics
  4. Phone forensics
  5. Document forensics and
  6. Software forensics

Services of forensics

  1. Examining the evidence of hacking
  2. Analysing of electronic mail, chatting capability and deleted files for worker annoyance.
  3. Checking the computer system for the evidence of IP address theft
  4. Examining the erased internet action and server log files for evidence of unauthorised activity of a person.
  5. Investigation into the denial of data systems and computer strategy
  6. Extracting the evidence for non-computer concerned with investigations.
  7. Producing reports to the industrial courts.
  8. Observing the common employees misusing the computer
  9. Developing the software’s to solve some specific problems.

Available Job Opportunities by studying computer security and forensics

  1. In detecting and investigating the cyber related crimes
  2. In using tools of forensics
  3. Handling the cyber-crimes with intelligence of tackling them
  4. Finding the loss of account and recovering them

The techniques gained by studying computer security and forensic course

Trouble shooting the operational issues:

  1. Finding the incorrect physical location of the network and resolving the problem in the correct way in the host.

Log monitoring:

  1. Analysing log entries and correlating log entries from multiple systems.
  2. Recovering data from the system:
  3. Fetching the lost data that has been hacked by anyone or modified with help of tools etc…

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are terribly increasing in the recent trend. Many communication protocols like Bluetooth, WiFi and 3g allow the free data transfer across international restrictions. Users are allowed to transfer the data, browsing and send and receive e-mail with attaching files.

Analysis of call data records

The records of the call data has been showed below

  1. Date of call
  2. Time of call
  3. Call duration
  4. Number making the call (originating)
  5. Number receiving the call (terminating)
  6. IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity
  7. CI – Cell site identity number

Description of Audio and Video

Audio Analysis

Audio can be recorded in high diverse range including mobile phones, dicta phones, covert recording devices, cameras and mobile phones CY4OR is a full enhanced and transcription service in the forensic audio and video suite.

Video Analysis

The propagation CCTV equipment on virtually every street corner, outside business buildings and even for domestic properties is increased for some evidence are available for inspection.

This type of evidence is seriously trusted upon in court but often needs improving to ensure that is obviously presented. CY4OR’s practiced video team uses formal of the art equipment to enable the augmentation, de-multiplexing and restoration of material.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Data can be retrieved from storage media such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, RAID, CDs, DVDs, and other electronics.

Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system.


The skills that are gained from computers security and forensic course include the broad knowledge of forensic principles, procedures, tools and techniques to handle the problems. So it develops the skills required by the employers and fulfills them. Apparently there is more possibility of new techniques as well as advancements yet to develop in the area of forensics because “computer security and forensics is only a journey but not a destination” student who currently learns will say many things new to this world by studying this course. Hence this paper briefly explains about the required skills by the employers to work in the forensic field and also in pertinent sector by attaining this course.



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