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Progression of Humans

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The Dawn of A New Day Preface The creation of man begins with " In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth". One sentence that if proven correct, depicts that a certain scientific theory taught generation after generation is completely and indefinitely ludicrous. If this sentence is wrong, various religions cease to exist. Ah, but does Christianity need to be proven? In our minds, the correct answer to this question is no, to believe is to see. But as human beings, sinners in the eye of God, to see is to believe.

Now stay tit me here. As the mundane world revolves around the simplistic idea that happiness can be achieved by buying the world, certain people rise among the filth. Go-getters. Transcendentalists, if you may. These people are the true "Hipsters" among the conforming young generation set upon being differently the same. They are the people who pay little or no attention to the world of Consumerism evolving around them. They may be different; hell they might even be bizarre. The point is that these are the people who change lives.

They are the people that can truly make difference in this god-forsaken planet we call home. They may not be of faith, but they can be compared to the disciples of Jesus Christ. Now back in the day, the disciples weren't some group of "religious freaks". They were not celebrities. They weren't even liked. These disciples were the people who stood up for what they believed in, facing both death and the fate of being cast away as outsiders. You see, it doesn't take much for change to occur. It Just takes a person who has the courage to partake in disorder.

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There are four point two babies born per second. One point seven deaths per second. As life goes on, 27 phones are sold per second. One point six cars produced per second, and 168 tons of foods are produced per second. Life goes by in seconds. Every minute you are aging. Day by day you are changing. An hour passes by, how many people have died in that hour? The point of this crazy numbering is to show you how fast moments of your life pass you by. There is no way of knowing the exact moment of when your life will come to an abrupt stop. You will cease to exist.

Life will end, as you know it. Will you be remembered? Will the memories your loved ones have from you be worth remembrance? The days you spend locked away from the majestic wonders of the world are limited. Live your life the way you want to live it. You only live one life, so you better make it worth living. The harsh reality of our situation on this planet is that one day it will be your time to go. Will you make a difference? As generations pass by, the improvements we make to society are crucial to the progression of humans.

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