Why History Unfolded Differently on Different Continents: Exploring Factors of Progression and Advancement

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The question motivating the book is: why did history untold differently on different continents? " (Page: 8, lines: 1, 2, and 3) Well, due to the fact this book covers 13,000 years of history in a brief time it Is hard to properly write a thesis that would cover everything he will talk about. For one thing he has to talk about history on different continents, why did some societies progress slower or faster than others, and why

Eurasia was more advanced or modern than the rest of the world. All these things made It harder for him to write a solid concrete thesis for example I'll start with why Eurasia was typically more advanced (by modern standards) than the rest of the world. So, to start it off, most people would probably say that Eurasia probably had more environmental advantages, such as more land, rivers, trees, and other materials that are so called "essential" to a better civilization.

Another reason would be the mount of resources that they had available to them, such as iron, might not have been enough for them to fully understand it's potential. Now let us talk about why some societies may have progressed slower or faster than other societies. Well one reason could have been religion. Religion can impact a society In many ways like technologically, politically (if they have a political system), but mainly medically.

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I say mainly medically because if you are a polytheist and a disease that is spreading mom to your village or town your people would probably assume that your gods and/ or goddesses are either angry or they have cursed your land, which would cause the people to not even think that there may be a cure. While on the other hand another religion like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam mentions nothing of god causing famine, diseases and other things Just because he Is angry. O they look for the reason of what Is causing the famine, or disease, and then they try to find a way to end the famine, or cure the disease. A societies political views may change because of a religion, like Christianity. For example before the birth of Sis (Jesus) the Roman Empire was run by the senate and an Emperor. Tater Christianity was accepted by the pagans of the eastern Roman Empire a. K. A. The Byzantine Empire the political slowly shifted from the emperor to the Patriarch or as he would later be called the Pope. We are finally going to talk about how history unfolded on different continents.

Now as you'll probably see the problem with this subject is we are not taught about hat happens In other continents such as Australia, South America, and North America, even f we are it has to start out with what led Eurasian to go there. Also they focus so much on Eurasia that they forget about the rest of the world, like at the time of the Dark ages Muslims were actually in a Golden age. We were discovering new things, inventing new things such as the first water clock, successfully performing surgeries that other civilizations had not even thought of doing.

So Just cause Eurasia had the black plague going on they focused so much on one event that occurred mainly in Eurasia that they claim it was the dark age. That's like one 'Off person saying Mondays should be holidays and majority to that world agreeing without a second thought. Finally we are done, but you're probably like "I'm lost". That is exactly my point, the reason his thesis is hard to understand in concrete terms is because he is sort of Jumping from place to place trying to connect it all but at the same time trying to go in order.

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