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I. Professionalism is an important aspect to being a Pharmacist or Pharmacy tech and must not be forgotten. A. Professionalism as Pharmacy Technician is based off of one’s appearance, attitude and one work ethnics. II. Having a professional appearance in the business of pharmacy is important to practice. B. Example, “Understanding how to appropriately appear, act and identify yourself as a regulated pharmacy professional is an important aspect to embracing professionalism. ” (Alberta) C. Also, starting off with a professional look as you start in this career can benefit you in the long run.

D. Plus, “wear appropriate identification showing name and appropriate title”. (State) III. Courteous with the customers and your fellow employees is important ethnic to have in pharmacy. E. Such as, “Introducing yourself to a patient, when receiving a prescription or helping a patient in any setting should be one of the first steps to a successful and professional interaction. ” (Alberta) F. In addition, having an polite attitude with everyone, no matter the person, in the work place is very important. G. Lastly, having a good moral as an employee. IV.

Being a Pharmacy Technician you may be suspected to more multiple tasks for the Pharmacist. H. Like, a Pharmacy Technician will be doing a variety of jobs that are supervised by the Pharmacist, whether it is filling prescription or stocking. I. For example, in a Pharmacy things may be repeated multiple times, so the Pharmacy Technician will be expected to perform the exact same way they did the first time. J. With this in mind, the Pharmacy Technician is just as in important as the Pharmacist themselves. V. Given these points, professionalism in a Pharmacy Technicians line of skill is very important to the everyday job.

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