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My Career as a Pharmacist

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According to the L.A. deputy district attorney who prosecuted Winona Ryder for shoplifting in 2002, the whacked-out actress was a walking pharmacopeia. When she was arrested, Ryder was carrying eight (yes, 8) different types of painkillers and tranquilizers in her purse. Ryder insisted that she had prescriptions for all but one of them. That was true. She neglected to mention, however, that she had used several bogus names to get them ( php?aid=17259).

From this anecdote, I come to realize more the Great responsibilities of a pharmacist, one of our next-door heroes where we entrust the community and our family’s health. With the great deal knowing how a medicine works and what its composition to say its safe for human consumption were the few things learned during the academic years. But why did I choose this career, what is Doctor of pharmacy had to do with my lifetime goal? What will it take me to be successful with my chosen choice of career?

With the increasing number of school offering Pharmacy, candidates competing for available seats are just few proofs that the career I have chosen despite its complexity is more than the job with multiple offers. It’s well paid and well respected in the field of medicine. With the enormous demand for pharmacy professionals one have to consider the rigorous requirements of becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy, a professional degree that needs prior college level of study.

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For some instances, people who finished a five years pharmacy degree may seek Pharm. D. But this is just one step of becoming a registered pharmacist, there still the preparation and completion of pre-pharmacy requirement, and after that the preparation again for passing the licensure examination. After all of these undertakings, it is now worthwhile that my dreams and goals are materializing, being a part of a medical healthcare team, in touch with people for best drug and non-drug treatment for particular illness, gender and sex, as I can work inside a healthcare facility or being simply a retailer.

The continuous modernization in drug therapy that goes with development of technology gives me more excitement because it meant for the increased demand for pharmacist. The work I am competent in, my passion.

In this time of modern innovations my career gives me an ongoing enthusiasm for improvement. Accessibility of pharmacies plays a key role in drug distribution during emergencies or simply seeking advice for a particular medicine, prescribing the best drug without its side effects.

With the “war on drugs” between lawmakers and pharmaceutical company, I can only hope that public will benefit, for cheaper generic prescriptions.

There may be growing competitions in this field but the zeal and enthusiasm in me create a positive impact. I know that quality and success don’t happen overnight. A passion you have to do from start to finish.

Thus, each day I woke up I see to it that it is full of energy and inspiration, because I am meeting different people with different needs on medications and alike. You don’t know whom the medicine for and what’s in their heart that they carry. Remember that being a registered Pharmacist doesn’t end on giving the right medical information and advice but doing a job well done is staying the person you are. Sharing a smile is more than just the best drug you suggest to use but the hope you impart on their soul. This makes my work and passion more rewarding.


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