Get Free Xbox Live Membership Codes

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Get Free Xbox Live Membership Codes

This method requires a glitched code I personally bought, the code doesn’t work when you try to redeem it, however to the employee’s at Xbox is shown on their screen as Active and working but does not tell them what the code is actually for (1 month, 3 months, 12 months, 4k MSP, etc. I know what you’re thinking already, bullshit? No, try it yourself below.

Note: They could ask for the code anytime, so be ready. Make sure you’re signed in on a NEW silver account every single time you do this or it will not work. Also, on the Silver account fill out billing info with a fake address name, etc. Also, edit your bio and motto and everything else such as your gamer picture so it looks like a real account. *Don’t just rush into this method without following the directions stated above or it will not work!

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  1. Go to Xbox. com and get on Contact Us -> Support
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Xbox Live -> Prepaid Codes 3.
  3. In the description type “Help with prepaid codes, very confusing” Or something along those lines. Change what you write here every time!
  4. When they welcome you, just go with what they say, act normal. Tell the Agent a scenario, say you got your code for your birthday from your mother. You got the code, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and planned to use it when you needed it. Then, say that you tried to use it and it gave you an error code on the Xbox. (Be creative with this story, make it convincing! )
  5. Tell them you can’t take the card back because you trashed the card after you wrote it down on a notepad on your computer for convenience.
  6. If they ask you to troubleshoot the issues just don’t reply for a while, then tell them it didn’t work, or if they ask what the code told them it was for whatever you’re wishing to obtain.
  7. If they ask what the error was when redeeming, the error on Xbox. com is “This code is not valid” and the error on the console is “This code isn’t valid. Please enter a valid code. ”
  8. They will probably go on for a while asking you different questions, just answer the questions and feed them the lies you think they want to hear and you’ll be fine.
  9. Eventually, they should either: Offer you a 1-month code as they can’t give you anything else because you don’t have the original card, escalate the request for you and you will receive your desired code via email in a few days OR they will tell you they can’t do anything (If they say this to you, you have failed. You should just end the conversation then X it off and try again in an hour or so).

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