Positive and Negitive Effects Computers Have

July 23, 2011ENTRY 1: ME, A WRITER? Attitude: I was never really good at writing. I’ll admit I’m not too thrilled about taking a composition course. This will be a challenge, one that I hope to complete. I’m not looking forward to the long days and nights studying. What I am looking forward to is learning the different techniques and styles. I look at this as an opportunity for me. Inventory: I am an Independent learner, so distance education should be easy for me. Being a Pragmatic I like rules and prefer learning step by step.

I have also learned that I am an Abstract learner, so I focus on large ideas, meanings, and relationships. I could properly use a little help with my verbal and social skills. I find myself at a loss of words whenever there is a group conversation. August 4, 2011ENTRY 2: PREWRITING Brainstorm: Ways computers affect my life Positive effects of computers on your personal life: •Genealogy •Reconnecting with friends •Easier/Faster communication •Catalog pictures •Games •Access to information •Read the newspaper from all over the world

Positive effects of computers on your professional life •Training online •Job Work faster •More affiant •Easier access to information •Meetings at a company are reduced •Manage payroll, accounts receivable, taxes •Control inventory Positive effects of computers on your academic life •Distance learner •Can study day or night •More resources to information •Video conferences •Access to your courses Negative effects of computers on your personal life •Spend more time on the computer than with your family Addiction-less interaction with people •Faster communication may not be better communication •Identity theft Negative effects computers have in your professional life •Working from home limits your interaction with colleagues Negative affects computers have in your academic life •Less interaction with classmates •If your computer crashes you lose your assignments •Can be a distraction for students (playing games etc. ) •Plagiarism Thesis: January 12, 2012 ENTRY 3: DRAFTING Evidence: Organization:

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Positive and Negitive Effects Computers Have
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