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Portable Languages & Component Reusability

Essay Topic:

Java is a programming language that uses object-oriented codes along with reusing code components. This paper will briefly describe how Java achieves these two important features, and why the features are desirable in modern software engineering. Object-Oriented: Java achieves object-oriented programming language by using classes and objects to organize the data.

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Also, many of the object-oriented programming concepts are implemented in Java.

Some concepts are: class, object, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Java allows component reusability through the inheritance concept. This means that all the public codes inside the parent class can be re-used inside the child class (Gaddis, 2011). Desirable: These features are desirable in modern programing or software engineering because of the reusability the coding can go through.

One code can be used in several places or parts of a code can be re-write to fit into a different part of a program that is needed. Conclusion: Java is necessary for applications to run over the internet from a web server, and applets that run in a web browser. It is formed of different components that can be used over and over to form a software program. Engineers desire Java because of its usability through the inheritance concept.

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