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A. Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea. Before coming to Korea I've always been interested in foreign languages such as : Japanese and Korean aside from English . I taught myself a good amount of Korean and a basic Japanese ,too . It was hard for me because there weren't enough time due to my school schedule and there weren't any language institutes here that my family can afford either. I taught myself Korean using sites like : Korean101. om , TalkToMeInKorean. com , HaruKorean. com and busyatom. com . These sites helped me improving my Koren and I plan to continue using them more frequently if I get accepted . Aside from these sites , I picked up a lot of my Korean just by watching English Subbed Korean shows and dramas . It was both entertaining , fun and educational too ! As for English I have been developing it ever since I was 9 years old , even before learning it in school I was mesmerized by this amazing language !!

And as my curiosity grew , my desire to master this language grew too ! I had a very good background before learning it in school . In my class I was always ahead of my classmates in English because I loved it . After 2 years I started making friends with other American girls and that improved my skills . Movies , novels and websites , It all helped me to speak English fluently aside from what I was learning in school . My family wasn't financially able to get me a seat in a language institute , which is why I haven't done the TOFEL exam yet .

Still I managed to teach myself . That makes me confident that if I get chosen for the scholarship and learn Korean and in an institute I'll be able to achieve more !! If I get chosen I'd spend the whole year studying as much as I can . Since I managed to teach myself English even though I was busy with school , exams and home works , I'm confident & 100% sure that if I spend a whole Year studying Korean and focusing on Korean I'll master Korean and learn very well . I would practice what I learn as I interact with people .

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I would learn outside the institute using the websites that I mentioned above to rich my Korean and my English at the same time . I'll make use of every situation , every second starting from my arrival – since all I'll have to do is study the language I've always yearned to learn for a long time – and soak in whatever I can get my hands , ears and eyes on ! It just can't get any better . It has always been my dream to speak Korean fluently and more than that , I've always dreamed of having Korean friends and living in Korea .

I even wish that I'll be allowed to do volunteering in Korea & I really hope to get approval of my request and be able to pay back to the Korean community and get close to its people whether it's elders , children or anything I absolutely want to do it , please help me fulfill this request too . I know that it's too much to ask but I really want to volunteer . I wish that my Korean will help me earn Korean friends . I'd be honored if I get accepted by them and I'll be really thankful if they teach me about their country , traditions and morals .

I hope that I can be good enough to get close to them and be worthy enough to learn from them . I'm always willing to try and willing to learn . Having a chance to become a step closer to my dreams , who's crazy enough to mess such an opportunity ! Aside from Korean I want to improve my English . As I taught myself Korean and some Japanese , I came to find my English improving gradually . When watching Korean media ( drama , shows .. ect) I learn new vocabularies in the English subs and after I translate them , I learn the Korean version of the words .

In my first year I'll focus on Korean but I won't forget my English either . I'll make sure to double the educational benefit of the scholarship that I'll receive . If I'll be given the chance to Learn Korean , I'll make sure to get the best of what I have and double it up and improve my English and after that I'm having a new language : Japanese . If I was given the chance to receive a good education I'll make it double and gain not only education and knowledge , I'll learn experience from everyone around me .

I will make friends with new people that'll be studying Korean with me . Practice both Korean and English with them & exchange culture with them ,too . As I progress in Korean I'll keep up with English . I'm planning on saving up from my allowance – or working part time job – to be able to pay for the TOFEL and perform the exam , Since I've never been able to do so because I didn't have money . This is only the beginning for me . I want to learn Japanese , Italian , French and Spanish too . That way I'll be able to contact other people. If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart" . said Nelson Mandela As a person who's constantly fascinated by languages . I believe that a human being is on a journey of learning as long as he's breathing & never too old to learn . There's just so much to learn from everyone in this world ! by learning new languages I want to get in touch with its people and their minds , their culture and experiences !

My curiosity of the teachings other people carry around the world , fuels my desire to speak their language which will inspire me in my works and enlighten my life and my mind . I believe in myself and in my abilities & I'm yearning for attention , care and support . I know that if I live in a constructive , educational environment it'll help me sharpen my skills and be a productive promising talent . If I get the chance to be a KGSP student , I will work hard to prove that you chose the right student and do my best in order to achieve that.

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Studying Korean by yourself can be a great way to learn the language. You can start by using online resources such as language learning websites and apps, as well as books and other materials. Additionally, you can practice speaking and writing Korean with native speakers through online language exchange programs.
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