Plymouth Colony and Borderlands Virginia Company

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British crown and that were granted full rights of galvanometers Royal Colonies a colony ruled or administered by officials appointed by and responsible to the reigning sovereign of the parent state. Ought salvation; did not follow traditional religion; sought freedom (right to worship without interference from England or from establish heed churches Plymouth Plantation lays outside the London Company's territory; no legal basis for settling there; William Bradford chosen again and again to be the "Plymouth plantation" governor; 1621 : persuaded the Council for New England to give them legal permission to live there; ended the communal labor program, distributed land among families, and made "all all hands very industrious" Mayflower Compact (importance) n agreement to establish a government, entered into by the Pilgrims in the cabin of the Mayflower on November 1 1, 1620. Massachusetts Bay Company designed to take advantage of opportunities in America; transformed itself into a colonial government John Winthrop governor of Mass. Bay Company; affluent, university educated gentleman with a deep piety and a forceful character.

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Puritan Dissent Roger Williams engaging but controversial young minister who lived in Salem, MA; Separatist; Massachusetts church should abandon all allegiance to Church of England; complete separation of church and state Anne Hutchinson intelligent woman from Boston family; women rights in society; antagonized the leaders of the colony by arguing that the members of the MA clergy who were not among the "elect" that had not undergone a conversion experience, had no right to spiritual office Restoration Colonies Peugeot War & King Phillips War (Metabolic) English settlers allied with the Meghan and Narragansett Indians (rivals of the Bequests); marched against the Possess, almost wiping them out William Penn Dominion of New England

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